A Complete Tutorial On Creating A Blog Blogspot So Professional

A Complete Tutorial On Creating A Blog Blogspot So Professional

It is undeniable that many still ask, how to make a blog. I even in some occasions, such as in Twitter and Facebook often gets requests to be made a blog. They willingly pay the whole way though-how to create a blog I have point out in Mulki Area ~.

For this reason, I give this a full tutorial to make it easier for anyone, especially a beginner to make a blog. We will use the Platfom is Blogspot. Why? because, Blogspot is at most CMS users in Indonesia.

In this tutorial, there are three phases to be done by a blogger (designation for the users of the blog). To create a blog so it appears professional, then the third stage should be undertaken and all the blog content in edit yourself.

A Complete Tutorial On Creating A Blog Blogspot So Professional

First Stage: Getting Started

The very first thing that was done before making blog is the preparation. What should be prepared, of course the main thing is the device, e.g. a computer or notebook which is of course connected with the internet. If it does not have, you can rent them at the cafe.

After all the tools have been prepared. The next step is to determine the objective. There are two basic goals of a person making a blog. As a means of sharing notes, with a community of hobby or even as a place to vent. There is also which made the blog as a livelihood (online business).

If you aim to make the blog as a search engine for the money, then you should follow the following preparation stage;
  • Know What Is A Blog
  • Find More Online Business
  • Know Your Keywords
  • Do keyword research, and
  • Knowing The Different Types Of Keywords

The Second Stage: Build

After a bit of the number found out about the blog and do some research on the blog that will be created, the next step of course build it. Create a blog, Blogspot is very very easy and all are provided free of charge.
  • These things you have to do;
  • Create Email
  • Make Blogspot Blog
  • Get to know a part of the dashboard Functionality, and Blogspot
  • Get To Know The Overview Section Blogspot
  • Know More About Blogspot/Blogger
  • Make Postings/Articles
  • Modify The Look Of The Blogspot
    • How to create a ' read more ' Post Blogspot
    • How To Display A Home/Home On Blogspot
    • How to remove Blogger Navbar elements to it and On
    • How To Change Blogger Logo (Favicon)
    • How to easily create Sitemap on Blogger
    • How To Insert A Picture In A Blog Post
    • How To Create A Script In The Blog Postings
    • How To Easily Resize The Header Blogspot
    • How To Display Column Comment Google +
    • The easy way to display the latest posts on Blogger
    • How to easily Install the button Share on Blogspot
    • How To Create Related Articles Under Post Blogspot
    • How to put the Blog title in the midst
    • How to Change the distance between the title of the Blog with the description of the Blog
    • How to remove the writing Subscribe to: Post (Atom)
    • How to enlarge and shrink the Font size Posting how to insert Video Into a Blog Post
    • How to change the title and description Blogspot
    • How to remove the writing ' Power by Blogger '
    • How to add a Link in the Footer Attribution/Blogger
    • How To Add A Link On The Attribution Blogspot
    • Make a Auto Preferred by the image above the text
    • The Easy Way To Change The Look Of The Blogspot
    • Create a Tabbed Menu Bar easily on Blogspot
    • Replacing the Header with your Logo or picture Blogspot
For other settings, you can find in the page Sitemap or + index.

The Third Stage: Optimize

After making a further optimization, blog. Of course you don't want to needlessly make blog without readers. There are many ways to do the optimization there is paid and free. If nobody wants to bother, advertise it, but if you have no more funds it is worth doing this way themselves.

  • The following things should be done;
  • Register your Blog to Google
  • Using Webmaster Tools
  • Use the Bing Webmaster Make & Installing Meta tags in Blogger
  • Create Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools at once
  • Verification of New Sites in the Alexa Blog
There are still many things to do in optimizing SEO (Search engine optimization). Updates will be done later.

Stage Four: Monetize

A third of the number of visitors your blog is already high, the next step is do monetize. Even if this stage is actually not so important make all blogs, especially those who do not intend to seek income in blogs. However this of course must also be known.

Here are a few things to do to memonetize your blog;
  • Know What Is Google AdSense
  • List of Google Adsense Blogspot
  • How to install Google Adsense ads on Blogspot
  • Associate the Adsense with Google Custom Search on the Blog
  • Put an Adsense ad below the Post title and the end
  • Speed up the Loading of the asynchronous Script Blog with Adsense
That's a few stages in the build up to become a professional blog blogspot bring in revenue. Of course, the above tutorial is not fully complete. But at least this is an overview of what you should do.

So for those who are still wondering how to create a blog, it's good to read each link in the tutorial above. This new tutorial early stages and based on the platfom. Later, we'll make a tutorial to make a blog blogspot free be paid so that more professional impression felt.

If there are still any questions or shortcomings in the above tutorial, don't hesitate to ask or add in the comments field below. Because by sharing, great things and as hard as anything could be done with lightly.

Happy Blogging.


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