Get To Know The Overview Section Blogspot

Once we know the parts and functions of the dashboard display face on blogspot (front), next we will discuss the part in the dash blogspot. This section is the most important part of any blog, especially the blogspot.

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From the dashboard this is all settings on blogspot created, ranging from filling the article, to display settings or templates and much more. We will discuss those parts of it one by one.

If the first time you open the dashboard, the display that appears is the overview section. That's why, the first thing we are going to discuss and identify is part of this overview. Before, we had to agree upon the mention of the left menu called tabs.

If you see the tab menu above there are 11 sections. Starting from the new entry, overview, posts, Pages, comments, Google, Statistics, earnings, layout, templates and settings. Each section has the function of each.

Get To Know The Overview Section Blogspot

In the Large Indonesian Language Dictionary, the word refers to a similar Overview with the mention of the summary. That's also the main task of the overview tab on blogspot. Encapsulates all information in our blog. It looks like below.

Get To Know The Overview Section Blogspot


  • the Impressions are part of the statistics or reporting in General over the performance of our blog. How often our blog seen by others, and from wherever they find the address of our blog. This indeed reflects the report is incomplete, there is its full report on the statistics. 
  • The update report is a matter of the blog as a whole. Starting from people who leave comments on the blog, the number of impressions today to total posts that have been published. 
  • While Google + box only information from Google so we reproduce the friend of social media that he serve. 

In the overview tab, in addition to the matter of Serving and the update above. There is also an additional menu from blogspot. I.e. news from Bloggers and Bloggers Blog, a guide to the latest Options. If interested in reading it, please open the link respectively.

Get To Know The Overview Section Blogspot


  • news from the Blogger is the latest information given to any changes or blogspot additions feature from blogger. The information displayed by this official Blogger Buzz. They will update every time you make a change. 
  • The Guide contains basic information of bloggers use blogspot. The information provided is pretty much, it's just that, the language used is limited in particular the Indonesian Language. However if you are interested to read and learn it, no harm. 
  • Latest Blogs in the same term if in online media called the Editor's choice. Bloggers will blog regularly, pick the options ditab. To the terms so that the blog standing there, I also do not know. But pray, your blog can be a Blogger. 

Now that is some menu items options presented the overview tab on the dashboard blogspot. Bagina-other sections we discuss separately. May be useful and Your introduction with blogspot is getting intense.


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