How The Most Powerful Keyword Research For Online Business

After knowing the difference between the types of short tail and long tail keyword, the next step is to do some research. (Read: the different types of Short and Long Tail Keyword).

Such is the case was about to go to war, we have to prepare the weapon. And the weapons to do research is the tools or tools. There are lots of tools available to do this research. Slaughtering tools online tools used to research offline.

Each of the tools has a different role and function. From each role that is later done sorting to produce a decision to use a particular keyword.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to do keyword research. There are many good online tools, Wordstream, Ubersuggest, Keywordshitter and others. However, in this tutorial we will use Keywordtool and Google Adwords: Keyword Planner.

This tutorial is done in General, both for applied business Google Adsense or online business such as a shop or an affiliate. Keywordtool usage to identify keywords and Google Keyword Planner to analyze the number of searches until the advertiser competition.

All right, let's get started!

First Stage: Determining The Variation Of The Keyword
The first thing to do is prepare your main keyword. Try to always do the recording. Better do in Microsoft Excel. Specify single words that you think are interesting. This is the single word that later we will take apart to find the variations he said.

The main question is the Word objects that could still unravel. Such as, business, Internet, phones, computers, Android, Lenovo and others.

After determining the main word, then do research any word that follows a single word. This research to other types of single words that can be used as ide. Here's how:
  • Open http://keywordtool.io/
  • The next form will appear to enter a keyword. Type a single keyword that you want to analyze. You can also change other data such as penganalisaan Google does using. .com or co.id as well as its language. 

  • No need to wait for long, the results will appear. Such as keywords  "business " we use, there are approximately 654 keyword generated. Each keyword will be classified. However the keyword in the red box on the left is the keyword variations into a Prima Donna. Please mencopynya to Microsoft Excel or Notepad. Can all or selectable, click Copy All in the top right corner. 

Second Stage: To Analyze The Number Of Keyword Search

After knowing the keywords variable of primary keyword, further analysis. The tool that we will use is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. To use this tool, there are two ways of doing analysis at once or do it one by one.

If use them all at once by uploading the whole way the keywords first ditahap has been created in notepad. As a result, this way the analysis presented is also very much. It's certainly nice, but will be confusing because of the many options.

How would we commute times this is manual way and one by one. From the first the first data we gain, keywords  "Online Business " occupies the top Word. Therefore, we decided to analyze the keyword this.

Here's how;
  • Sign in to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. If you haven't yet register on Google Adwords, please do registration first. 
  • In the tab menu, click Tools and then Keyword Planner or Planner Keyword then the display will appear as follows. There are four options are given. Each of these tools have different functions. It's good idea to browse starting with the keyword you want. 
  • After the form submission is open, enter the keyword in the analysis, for example  "Online Business " by pressing the option first. After filling in the required data click get the idea. 

  • On the results of the investigation will appear the data.

 With keywords  "Online Business " Google Adword will show search volume trends that occurred during the last 12 months and suggested keywords. The idea of the keywords the program there are two types, one is in the Group and there is the idea of per word. 
 One thing to watch out for in this process is the information about the keyword competition, whether low, medium or high. It is strongly recommended to find keywords with low or medium levels of competition with search is quite high. Better idea of selecting keywords and see the results of penelusuranya. 
 In this case, the word's "Trusted Online Business's" got a medium with competition drilldown level is quite high, reaching 4,400 times. But there is no harm in also doing more research. Click Download to save the all keyword. Each of these keywords can be used as an idea in writing articles that will be created.

Third Phase: Executing Keyword

Because we have been analyzing the keywords that diingankan setting, and then also get the idea of keywords along with a number of its search each month. It's time to execute a keyword by making the article interesting. The steps above, you can develop your own.

Indeed Google Adword Planner is intended make advertisers, but also huge benefits create publiser. The data obtained is not one hundred percent certain, but that is the picture provided by Google. There is no harm in doing optimization on each keyword.

Good luck ...!


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