How to know the number of backlinks to your Blog

 How to know the number of backlinks to your Blog

How to know the number of backlinks to your Blog

After some time of blogging, perhaps you're curious how many backlinks you collect successfully. As we know that backlinks are very important for the existence of our blog. A backlink is a link back to our blog by another website or blog. the number of backlinks indicate how important our blogs on the internet. Backlinks is one proof that our blog was referred by another website or blog, although certainly not entirely so. Yes, it could be just a backlink that retrieved from the purchase by the website that is selling the backlink, backlink or provided free of charge. 

Backlinks is one of the important factor for search engines like google and yahoo to display the URL of your blog or blog content in search results pages (SERPs). That's why a lot of bloggers are hunting a backlink. Of course, if you want to do this, you should pay attention to several factors, including the quality of the backlinks you seek it. Quality backlinks are much more important than the quantity of backlinks. 10 quality backlinks could be far more rewarding than 1000 backlinks no quality. Moreover, it is obtained from the backlinks a website has been given a black mark (blacklist) by the search engine google of sorts. So, instead of later profits you get backlink from it, even the losses that accrue.

Some time ago I tried to check the backlinks that point to my blog. For this purpose I try one of the free tools provided by smallSEOtools.com. The image above is a screenshoot of the display of the pages where I check how many backlinks that point to my blog. Well, it's still a little bit. But not papa, its important we keep trying to gain more backlinks.

If you are interested to try how many backlinks you get and your blog is linked on the page anywhere, please menjajalnya here

The trick is pretty easy, just type in http://alamat-blog-anda in the fields provided, then click on the button CHECK blue. After a few seconds, you will be able to see the whole backlink pointing to your blog.

Backlink search results by smallseotools-this backlink shaped table. On this table you will get information total backlinks (the total number of backlinks you get), pages URLS contain your backlinks (URL of the page containing backlink to your blog), site PR (pagerank sites that link back to your blog), PR (page PageRank pages that link back to your blog), the anchor text (the text that disisipi link to your blog), and flag (the flag, stating whether the backlink you get comes from sites dofollow or nofollow).

On the search results table backlinks there is red and green. What does the color red on the chart that I also do not understand. Well, if you are interested to try counting how many backlinks you get, please visit the website above and use the free tools they provide.

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