How to prevent and cope with tired eyes

Tired eyes often cause discomfort and can interfere with daily activities, especially if these conditions occur when activities such as studying, working, or when driving a vehicle. Tired eyes is generally not a serious problem and can disappear after you rest.

Tired eyes is described as impaired eye caused by using the eyes in long periods without a break.

How to prevent and cope with tired eyes

The condition of the tired eyes can be caused by several factors, among them:

  • Driving vehicles with mileage distances.
  • Staring at a computer screen or a gadget in a long time.
  • Too long to read.
  • Have an eye refraction abnormalities.
  • Viewed continuously indoors with minimal light.
  • Exposure to light is too bright or dazzling.

What Kind Of Symptoms Of Tired Eyes?

Tired eyes can be identified with some of the symptoms that often occur, among others:
  • The eye feels pain, painful or itchy.
  • Watery eyes or noticeably drier.
  • View fuzzy or shaded.
  • Eyes more sensitive to light.
Tired eyes symptoms can also spread to other parts of the body, such as pain in the shoulder, back, neck, and headache. Some of these symptoms will be increasingly feels if you are sleep-deprived. Because sleep is very important for the eyes. During sleep, the eyes will also rest and get nutrients to repair network, so tired eyes can be resolved. Lack of sleep is just the reduce or interfere with the process breaks the eye.

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How To Prevent Tired Eyes

Tired eyes is closely associated with the work of a person. Some of the things below can be done to prevent it.
  • Adjust the lighting and position the computer screen
Set the lighting a computer screen can be done with the help of filter. When the activity with your computer, be sure to always keep a safe distance between the screen and the eye, which is about 50-60 so that the distance of eyes and the computer screen, then use the adjustable seat position.
  • Pay attention to the lighting of the room
Try to let the lighting of the room was not too bright, so as not to dazzle the eye, including regulating the direction of lighting. Be sure to always maintain the cleanliness of your computer screen in order to keep pencahayaannya ideal.
  • A break at regular intervals for 20 seconds
When operating a computer or reading, you are encouraged to occasionally take a break from the event. Rest every 20 minutes, and then rest your eyes for at least 20 seconds.
  • Eye care
Tired eyes can also be prevented with eye care, including eye compresses an unused with the fabric already drenched with warm water, or use eye drops to freshen the eye when the eye begins to feel dry.
Try the following to treat tired eyes

To cope with the tired eyes, you can try the steps below.

  • While reading it was too tiring eyes, frequently flashing. If necessary, switch to a moment of reading so that the eye can rest. Close your eyes and eyebrow part massage for a few minutes so that a sense of tired eyes. Don't forget to adjust the lighting that is ideal for the eye.
  • When a computer screen is already making eyes tired, increase the screen resolution and reduce the lighting of the room. Then set the distance, contrast, and size of the letters. Redirect view from a computer screen for a few moments, too, can help reduce fatigue on eyes.
  • Stand up and stretch your hands, feet, shoulders, and back can help reduce fatigue of the body.
  • If your eyes feel dry and a wink isn't helping, eye drops may be used. You can also turn a blind eye and then compress an already moistened washcloth with warm water.
  • Some people need to wear glasses when reading or using the computer to cope with tired eyes.
  • Natural products with fish oil omega-3 acids and bilberry is trusted can reduce symptoms of tired eyes. However, it would still need further research.
Just as in other parts of the body, the eyes also need a break. Make sure you always give a pause in the midst of activity, so that the eye can rest. If you feel the symptoms of tired eyes and never improved, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

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