Train your Brain is more important than the theory of domination of brain function

There is a presumption that the function of the right brain or the left dominant very influential towards the personality of a person. For example, the right brain is more dominant considered more subjective, creative, thinkers, intuition and act accordingly. While the left brain is more dominant, is considered more logical, thorough, objective, and analytical.

That assumption turned out to be not proven. Everyone does have a more active parts of the brain on one side, but in performing its functions, the brain's left and right sides cooperate and coordinate. It does not mean if someone has a brain activity that is more dominant on one side, then the parts of the brain on the other becomes less functional.
Train your Brain is more important than the theory of domination of brain function

This Technique to train your Brain you can do

Than busy thinking about right or left brain function is more dominant on yourself, better focus to train the brain to not become forgetful with age. Following his methods:

1. Reading

expand reading, as this activity is a good basic exercises for the brain. You can read anything, ranging from newspapers, books, or magazines. The higher the quality of the content of the writing that you read, the more effect it also good for the brain.

2. Write

Writing is also a container for training the ability of the brain. Because at the time of writing, you will be a lot more thinking. If you're still confused, start writing daily activities or something related to the hobby. Make a simple writing as an initial step, or try to write on the blog.

3. Do sports regularly

Train your brain not only through training the mind and add insight, but also with regular exercise. Various studies show that those who regularly exercise have a memory and the ability to better concentration, compared to those who rarely move. This is allegedly because sports can help improve blood flow in the brain, and stimulates the repair of brain nerve cells.

4. Add to the vocabulary and learn a new language

Gain some new vocabulary every day. Learn new words, either from books or dictionaries, as a means of exercise for the brain, especially on the side that controls the language proficiency. The form of this kind of exercise is also to safeguard the health of your brain.

5. Do brain gymnastics

One of the fun ways but no less important in training the brain function is brain gymnastics. Brain gymnastics can be done by playing a variety of games that encourage you to think, like guess words and crossword puzzles, or game that involves considering capabilities.

6. Watching TV shows that are useful

When you are watching TV, choose programs that educate. For example, a documentary or a film that invites you can analyze the problem in the story.

7. Try a new hobby

Tired of monotonous daily routine and because of it-that's it? Maybe you could try a new hobby, such as cooking, gardening, painting, playing musical instruments, or traveling to explore a new place and atmosphere. Learn new things and interests can make brain honed and trained to learn.

In addition some way above, other things that are also not less important thing to do in order to maintain brain function is to establish a good relationship with someone else, living a healthy lifestyle, and coping with stress.

From now on, You no longer need to think about brain function which is more dominant, whether right or left. There are things more important than that, namely to train the brain to function properly. This is a long-term investment that is priceless.

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