Understanding of advertising and, for example, objectives, characteristics, terms, and other types of Ads

Understanding of advertising and, for example, objectives, characteristics, terms, and other types of Ads

Understanding Of Advertising In General

What is the advertising? Understanding Advertising is a form of information that is carried out by a person, agency/institution, or company, in which an interesting message about a product or service that is geared to a wider audience. Goals and purpose of the ad was made to persuade/encourage people to become interested in using the products/services offered.

The ads usually are installed in a variety of media in order to be seen by a lot of people, whether it's offline media or online media. Some of the media including newspapers, magazines, Tabloids, television, news sites, blogs, Social Media, search engines, and public places.

In general the non personal information-shaped advertisement concerning a product or service, companies, brands, and more, with compensation of certain costs. All communications in this bertunjuan form of advertising to attract or persuade others to buy or do something that benefits the creators of advertising.

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Ad Sense According To Experts

To better understand what the meaning of the ad so we can refer to the opinion of some experts. The following is the definition of advertising according to the experts:

1. Courtland L. Bovee

According to Courtland l. Bovee, Ad sense is a non-personal communication that is usually paid and persuasive nature about a product, service, or idea from the sponsors that are loaded through a variety of media.

2. Kotler

According to Kotler, Ad sense is a form of presentation and promotion of goods, services, and ideas, non-personal basis by certain sponsors suatuk where it usually have to pay for a media.

3. Rhenald Kasali

According to Rhenald Kasali, the understanding of the ad is a message offering a product/service to a wider audience through a medium.

4. Large Indonesian Language Dictionary (KBBI)

According to KBBI, understanding ad is a message or news that aims to encourage, persuade audiences so interested on goods/services offered.

The Purpose Of The Ad

As described in the understanding the above ad, generally the goal of advertising is to persuade or encourage other people to be interested in using a product/service. Refers to the sense of the above ad, but its purpose is as follows:

Provide information to the audience about a product or service item, brand, company, or an idea. Advertising persuasive language featuring an excess of products/services offered.
Affect others that are the target market for the use and purchase of products or services offered to them.
Benefits Of Advertising
The ad will never exist if it does not provide benefits for the advertisers. In general there are several benefits of ads that can be obtained by advertisers, including:

The advertised product or service is or will be known more known in the wider community.
New consumers growing so as to increase sales of product/service being advertised.
Profit party advertisers will increase due to sales of the product/service being advertised.
Increase the brand awareness of a brand in the wider community so that the community is easy to identify its products.

The Ad Features

It is very easy to recognize an ad. By recognizing its characteristics, we can tell if a message or information is an ad or not.

The following are the features of advertising in General:

  1. Information or message delivered in communicative and informative
  2. The ads use persuasive words to make it more attractive to others.
  3. Use words (diction) or a proper language, logical, polite, and easy to understand by the general public or target market.
  4. Describes the product/service and the workings of the product/service.

Advertising Terms

The appearance of advertising not just happens. In order for an ad to be said well then it should contain the following terms:

  1. Ads must be objective, proportionate, and honest.
  2. Ads must contain information that is clear, solid, and easy to understand audiences.
  3. Ads should be packed in such a way in order to attract the attention and interest of the community.
  4. Ads should not offend, hurt, or denigrate other products/party.

Type/Variety Of Ads

There are lots of all kinds of ads we can see so far. The following described types of ads based on the content, media, and the nature of these ads:

A. Types Of Ads Based On The Content Of The

1. The advertisement notifications (announcements)
This type of ad aims to draw attention to a specific audience through an information or notices. Example ad notices:

Advertising condolence news

Advertising school alumni reunion

2. Advertising Deals (Commerce)
This type of advertising aims to offer goods or services to a wider audience. Examples of advertising offers:

Advertisement goods/supply products, such as handbags, shoes, smartphones, and more.
The ads offer services, such as courier services, services of alternative medicine, and others.

3. The community service announcement
This type of advertising aims to provide information and enlightenment to society about a particular case or issue. Public service advertisements are made by institutions or Government agencies or non-profit organizations.

B. types of ads based on the Media used

1. Print ads
This type of ad is mounted on a printing technique that uses media, whether it be laser, screen printing, letterpress, and others. Examples of print ads we often see in a newspaper, magazine, tabloid, posters, stickers, and more.

2. Electronic Ads
This type of ad-based media make use of electronic devices such as radio, television, film, and interactive digital media (internet). Here are some of the electronic ads:

  • Radio advertising: advertising radio could only be heard only because the shape is just the sound (audio). An example is the radio Ad-ad lib, Spot, and sponsorship of the Program.
  • Television ad: television commercials there are elements of sound, pictures, text, motion, and thus more attractive to your audience. Some examples of television advertising is Live Action, Animation, Stop-Action, music, Sponsor programs, Running Text, Backdrop, Credit Title, Ad-lib, Promo Ad, and Superimposed.
  • Movie ads: ad film can be seen when we see a movie/cinema. Usually broadcast ads before the film begins where the forms of advertising is live action, and endorsement.
  • Interactive digital media advertising: ads of this type on a variety of online media that many visitors. Some types of advertising in digital media including Banner & Button, Sponsorship, Website, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Classified Ads, Social Media Marketing, and others.
  • Outdoor advertising: this type of ad is an ad that is outdoors and its position looks lively audiences. Some examples of this outdoor advertising is advertising mobile billboard, transit, outdoor, display standards, and more.

C. Types Of Ads Based On Objective

Ads based on its purpose can be divided into two, namely commercial and non-commercial ads.

1. Commercial advertising
The purpose of commercials is to seek economic advantage, or to increase sales. Types of commercial advertising can be divided to three, namely:

  • Consumer advertising: aimed at the end consumer (end consumer) of a product.
  • Business ads: addressed to the party which can cultivate or sell the advertised product to the end consumer.
  • Advertising professional: geared for certain segments, namely the professionals.

2. Non-commercial Advertising
Types of non-commercial advertising is generally created for the purpose of providing information, solicitation, and education to the community. This ad is not for the benefit of the economy, but for the social benefit for all of society.

A benefit of these ads is the knowledge, awareness, attitudes, and behavior change of society towards the issue being advertised. Sample advertising community for example family planning campaign, advertising the importance of education, advertising the dangers of smoking, advertising advertising the dangers of global warming, dengue fever, and others.

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Above is a brief explanation about the sense of advertising in General and comprehensive, objective and benefits of the ads, the characteristics and requirements of ads, as well as other types of ads. May be useful.


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