Why I am Blogging ?

Why Am I Blogging?

By Mulki

Blogging for money


First Time

In May 2011 I know blog. It is initially unintentional.  Because at that point I just made a blog to promote a product, that time I was working in a private company, engaged in the janitorial tools. 

Finally, I decided to create a blog using blogger. And the blog I made turned out pretty well, so many customers who order products of the company. 

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At that time I did not know the matter of Adsense. Up to the year 2017 I want Active back to blogging.  Many people are successful by being a blogger, yes, even though it is not easy but I want to follow in the footsteps of such as they are.

Finally I made a blog on blogger template and viewing by imitating others. My blog name pujiyadi. blogspot.com with one subject tools product hygiene.

Opportunity dollars from blog
Many stories inspiring from the successful blogger scooped up dollars to millions of dollars each month, it makes me want to become a great blogger like them.

Why want to rake in dollars?

My reasons are as follows:

Like to prove I can succeed rake in dollars from the blog as they are.
When I can, it's a source of alternative income for me, and to help all people in need, like the poor people I wanted to help.

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