6 Mistakes You need to Avoid This Exercise

Already earned for doing sports, but have also gained the desired body shape or even an injury? Lest it happen because subconsciously you do some errors when the sport.

Exercise has many benefits, among them to maintain weight loss, get the desired body shape, improving the stamina of the body, lowers the risk of developing the disease and keep the mood (mood). To get all these benefits, yuk, know what mistakes you need to avoid exercising.

6 Mistakes You need to Avoid This Exercise

A variety of Errors that may be Done while exercising

There are several mistakes that might do while exercising, so you failed to achieve the intended weight or even injury, among them:

1. The wrong Technique

Before starting the exercise, it is important to learn the proper technique first. Including when you do exercise in the gym. In addition to inhibiting you reach the target, doing the wrong sport technique also increases the risk of you injury.

2. Excessive Exercising

Another possible error you do is exercise. Excessive exercise can make you exhausted and thus increase the risk of muscle injury.

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The duration of the sports ideal is 150-250 minutes 20-35 minutes per week or per day. Don't forget also to consistently work out so that the maximum result.

3. The types of sports that do not vary

Do it sports-that's it, can make you more quickly tired of exercising. This risk makes you become inconsistent exercise, so it never reaches your target weight or body shape to be achieved. To that end, it is recommended you do a workout or exercise variations every few time once.

4. Not looking at food consumed

In addition to performing a varied sports, eating foods that are nutritious vegetables also are no less important to reach targetmu when exercising. You can also customize your food with a purpose you do sports. Try to calculate the number of calories you need to increase or decrease the weight.

5. Less break

After doing heavy exercise for a few days, don't forget to give your body a rest for a moment. A break is needed so that the body is able to repair the muscle cells after exercise. This is useful for making your body is always fresh and ready to do sports.

You can also fill in the breaks by doing a lot of exercise involves stretching the muscles, such as swimming or yoga.

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6. Target overload

Create a target that is outside the ability will make you frustrated and reluctant to exercise. Make a target that suits your abilities, lifestyles, and your own commitment.

Exercise has many benefits for the health of the body, but to avoid the mistakes of the exercise above. Exercise the right way can help you to benefit optimally sports. If you have a specific health condition, consulting a doctor about a sport that fits your needs and condition.

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