Blogger Produces 1 Million in 2014

hard to believe there was a blog running only then can produce extraordinary wealth. But that's what happened. Maybe the world has been much noted, how new billionaire born from the internet, either because the application (programmers) and businessman.

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2014 years ago, has many new bloggers, who was born into a wealthy man. The elections caused lots of money from the internet, there is one person who is attracting attention. He was Pat Flynn from Southern California.
Blogger Produces 1 Million in 2014
Pat flynn

History of Pat Flynn

The name of Pat in the internet world has long been famous. The father of two children has started its online business career than in 2008. He was once an architecture, but because of the crisis that hit America 2008, he lost a lot of revenue and start it do business online.

The story of Pat basically has inspired many bloggers in the world, was no exception in Indonesia. In the past year, Pat back makes the whole eye blogger dumbfounded with a fantastic income. Up to 1 million u.s. dollars.

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Pat did have a habit of showing his earnings in her blog. He breaks down each of the submissions he got from running a business online. And that's amazing, earning Pat most come from affiliate products.

Earnings Pat in 2014 is the largest of all the career he became a full time blogger. Indeed many of his income, not only there is one blog that he run, there are many. From a few blogs that he run here is that large earnings have.
  1. From the Google Adsense program: $31,782.99
  2. From Job Board: $1,148.43
  3. Affiliate Program: $731.09
  4. Total: $33,662.51
  1. From the Google Adsense program: $819.14
  2. EBook sales results (How to Start a Food Truck): $10,045.60
  3. Total: $10,864.74
(For the complete data see here).

Total income in 2014 and then Pat is not exactly 1 Million, only slightly less $946,265.23, reaching 1 million. Not a small number for a blog that comes from the internet anyway.

It's not just Pat actually have a large income in 2014. Matthew Woodward also elections caused a success. Even this American guy just making money from a blog that he would not run, building backlinks. Everything comes by itself.

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Matt at the end of last December, 2014 2014 has managed to obtain the earnings of $35.000 us dollars. amazing.

Either Pat or Matt equally not earning that much in quick time. They have pioneered the respective blog since a long time and eventually, new all produce fantastic quantities.


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