How to apply Google Adsense Blog from Blogspot

How to apply Google Adsense

Being a blogger, basically as a hobby in addition can also generate financial gain. It's not instant let alone without capital. But at least the presumption that blogging just spend money paying coffee at coffee shops and wifi sharing could be a big mistake.

Because bloggers have a chance of creating money from blogs that fosterage. One way to become a partner with Google Adsense.

It's not easy indeed. But there is no harm in anyway try to monetize our posts on the blog at least if fruitful, be used pay for coffee. Or pay packet data if you use wifi than mobile.

How Do I Register For Google Adsense Through Dashboard Blogspot ?

Before entering the steps register Google Adsense via the dashboard Blogspot, Blogspot and I need to know if Google is the same company. Both under the auspices of the Alphabet Inc., the parent company Google. Google founders Larry Page still so its CEO. 

Because it is in one of the flag are the same, so there is a special convenience afforded to blogspot if signing up for Google Adsense. One of them can get the account even though its nature is hosted, aka share. This exception is not obtained when registering through other methods.

To register a blog that still has a primary domain blogspot, the trick is pretty easy. Stay logged into dashoard blogpost and look in the left sidebar. Select the menu that reads ' Income '. Then it will look like the following figure.

On this page there is also a brief explanation, how does Google Adsense on our blog. The rest of select themes, customize the Google Adsense ads and placing advertisements. If there are visitors who are interested in then the result will go into our account. 

If it is on the page of ' Income ' and assume the blog you guys are already eligible for erning. Next click on the ' sign up for Adsense '. Will appear a page to login. Select your Gmail account to sign up for you guys, don't forget to enter paswordnya. However, if the mode is already logged in, will be immediately directed to the registration of Google Adsense. 

It looks like the following:

At the top of your account data will be presented and the name of the website that we register. Underneath there is an option if want to can email information from Adsense or not. Mending select ' Yes ' to be able to input and notice your ad performance. 

The next step, select the country where you guys are. Of Course, Indonesia. Then the online Google Adsense rules appearing below will change Indonesia language. Please read if you have time. In essence it's a rule binding in order to establish cooperation with Adsense. 

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If they don't want to take a long time, just tick the writing ' Yes, I have read and accept the agreement ' at the bottom. Most recently, press the ' Create Account '. Then you guys will be directed toward the page Google Adsense. Click the ' Get Started ' If you want to shorten the time. 

The next stage is setting the address of the payment (Payment Address details). Here will take place this type of account is what you guys have created. Will usually appear ' Individual ' but can be changed so the ' business ' if indeed for the allocation of the company.

Further detail is a name and address. Please understand, that this name should definitely match the name on the ID card. No matter though not address must be the same indicated on the ID card, however we recommend you use that can be used to Exchange mail.

If everything is complete, click the ' Submit ' at the very bottom. The following page will appear if it is successfully submits.

The above display will only appear shortly before finally there was information from the Blogger Adsense Widget that has been added to our blog template. Next click on the button ' continue ' to return to the dashboard page blogspot.

On the menu of ' Income ' on the dashoard blogspot will change as shown below. There is a display for settings of the ad. Although at the top of it there is information that the submission of your Adsense account we are currently in the queue. They will do a review of the feasibility and preach within 1 x 24 hours or weeks.

In order to facilitate the review, select one of the setup ' ad format for blogs ', so it doesn't have to do it manually. After that, click the ' save settings '.  

From the experience of MULKI AREA sign up Adsense, after submitting the form, six hours later a letter from Google will arrive. They provide answers to whether the submissions we received or not so Google Adsense partners. 

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If accepted, the next step do the optimization of ads so revenue could be larger. You can read how to install Google Adsense ads on Blogspot. If the already optimal, important things that must be done is to increase the number of visitors. 

I am with a big heart also wants to hear the experiences of you signing up for Google Adsense. Or when doing registration having such problems. Even though it looks pretty easy, some people still experience the constraints on this registration process. 

Hopefully with the recent update to question Google Adsense registration through this Blogspot can give information to date. 

Greetings creations!

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