These 10 Pure Bloggers world's biggest Earners

The word Blogging was already so ingrained in everyday life. It's been so many people who become successful from blog. Whereas once, no one is convinced that being a blogger is the right choice to find success and wealth.

If only the Open Diary (1998) does not start, then followed LiveJournal (1999) followed by Pitas.com and Blogger.com, maybe up to now, we will not find people who became rich from just running a blog.

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The Word Blog was originally created by accident of the year 1997 by an editor of Robot Wisdom, John Bargerm. He created the word's "web-log " followed by Peter Merholz by writing We Blog on its site.

The Word Blog was originally created by accident of the year 1997 by an editor of Robot Wisdom, John Bargerm. He created the word's "web-log " followed by Peter Merholz by writing We Blog on its site.

Both John Bargerm to Evan Williams might not be expected, what they created has also been able to create many new millionaires to billionaires in the world. And in 2014, the world has recorded 10 people who run blogs become very rich.

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10 people which Mulki Area ~ will describe everything is purely blogger (author of article), where their income comes from advertising alone. Although there are also coming from the affiliate program, but the amount is not how.

In contrast to Pat Flynn that produces 1 million Dollars through the year 2014, where earnings more than the program affiliate or also sell ebooks. So also with Matthew Woodward that produces Rp350 million during the month. 

10 richest people of just running this blog is quoted from Therichest. Alerts you of their 10 largest revenue with bloggers by the end of 2014. To shorten the time, here's the list, starting from the No. 10.

10. Ewdison Then, ' Slash Gear ': $60.000 – $80.000 Per month.
Ewdison Then is the founder and executive editor of the news website a special consumer electronics products and technology. He also worked as a Publisher's own blog and media as CEO of R3 Media LLC.

SlashGear's own blog devoted to consumers who are in need of the latest gadgets. If you need your iPhone or iPad tablat 6, for example, you need to read this blog, because it contains reviews of the latest products that.

He's been the lover of technology because it is able to connect visitors with the latest news. It is also consistent with the latest updates and always provide information or application is fantastic.

Most of the revenue comes from advertising Then pay-per-click main Google Adsense. The average income in a month between $60.000 – $80.000 or together with Rp700 to Rp900 million. Wooww

To run a blog, Then hired 13 people to help him make the writings and reviews at regular intervals. SlashGear is also famous for being the most successful blog to take advantage of the WordPress platform.

9. Matt Marshall, VentureBeat ' ': $50.000 – $100.000 Per month
Matt Marshall
Matt Marshall was once a journalist. But he stopped and banting stir became a blogger and his final success. He started blogging in 2006 with founded VentureBeat, covering information technology around the world.

VentureBeat, a blog is informative that cover a variety of topics, not just the technology but also have developed a special website network, investment and other financial technology network.

Marshall provides important information and valuable to readers, including different business techniques in order to get money from investments and other keuagan including various aspects of the startup process. The average monthly income reached $50.000 – $100.000 or throughout the Rp600 million to Rp1 billion a month. That income derived from independent advertising and pay per click advertising.

8. Gina Trapani, Lifehacker ' ': $110.000 Per month
Gina Trapani
This is the only one blogger blogger woman who records his name as high-income earning woman from the blog. She is Gina Trapani CEO and founder of the popular blog Lifehacker, but he's very active in the social media community.

Gina recently it has become part of the Gawker Blog Empire and Gizmodo, two emerging social media. Lifehacker is actually a simple blog. Its focus is to daily affairs but reviewed to find a simple way to do it. This blog also invites readers to write, so it's no wonder so endeared.

Lifehacker also is part of the network, special online Kinja news aggregator. Within a month, Gina can elections caused earnings to $110,000 or equivalent to Rp1,2 billion. Not a little amount for a woman. Revenue comes from advertising and independent review.

7. Collis Ta'eed, ' TutsPlus ': $55.000 – $120.000 Per month
Collis Ta'eed
Currently there are seven Collis Ta'eed to. He was a founding Organizer TutsPlus specializing contributed to various well known blog.

Tutsplus is an information site to build skills that compile the tutorials, tips and lots of other teaching methods. The contents are more to inform readers about the software or anything required applications and tools used to design blog.

Ta'eed tutorial can help you master the software application. Not only can money from Ta'eed blog, but membernya can also earn money by writing articles yourself. So it's reasonable if the site is visited.

Revenue more substantially than Ta'eed membership registration. The average in a month he was able to rake in revenue of $55.000 – $120.000 or together with the Rp600 million to Rp1,5 billion.

6. Jake Dobki, ' Gothamist ': $80.000 – $110.000 Per month
Jake Dobki
Other famous blog Gothamist was created by Jake Dobkins. This blog is earning an average of $80.000 – $110.000 or Rp 900 million to Rp1,2 billion in a month just from advertising, both independently and pay per click advertising.

Gothamist is a newsy site. The article covers a variety of genres are presented, but more of a focus to articles about food, events and art. The information includes not only the Americas, but already includes the rest of the world.

If you are planning a trip abroad and want to know about the cuisine at a specific location, Gothamist is a good place to see it. In the beginning, Gothamist only contains articles about life in New York City, but in recent years has expanded its reach to 13 cities around the world: including Toronto, London and Shanghai. Unfortunately Indonesia has not been included.

Before becoming a blogger and founded the Gothamist, Dobkin was an amateur photographer in urban areas. That was the experience that makes it quite understand the ins and outs of urban and many know important events.

5. Timothy Sykes: $150.000 – $180.000 Per month
Timothy Sykes
If you want to learn how to make a lot of money from a blog, then it's worth reading the blog belongs to Timothy Sykes. He made a blog on behalf of her own TimothySykes.com containing inspirational articles about investing, finance, stocks and the like.

Sykes is a very smart young man in playing stocks. He is an expert, and make about two million dollars a month from the stock play. The blog that he manage that is just a side job made him. He is basically a Penny stock trader.

Having been successful playing the stocks, therefore he initiative pour tips and inspiration to the whole world through articles on the blog. Sykes story has lots of inspiring people and then follow it. Not wrong, if blogs are so popular.

Any income derived from articles and eBooks that he wrote. In a month, on average he scooped up profits from his personal blog of $150.000 – $180.000 or approach the figure of Rp 2 billion.

4. Vitaly Friedman, ' SmashingMagazine ': $150.000 – $190.000 Per month
Timothy Sykes
Vitaly Friedman founder SmashingMagazine, a blog for web site designers. He began building a network of Smashing in 2009 to make the blog design.

The majority of the revenue comes from Friedman's banner ads and affiliate revenue is not included. On her blog, put up a very lively small-sized banner ads. Independent ad that he placed very interesting so not impressed some cheap.

SmashingMagazine is the most popular blog and very well known in the world of web design and development. If you want to master it, you can read some reviews on SmashingMagazine. They present the newest tips along with high-quality guides and tutorials.

The average income of a single blog Vitaly reached $150.000 – $190.000 per month or less Rp2 billion a month.

3. Mario Lavanderia, ' Perez Hilton ': $200.000 – $400.000 Per month
Mario Lavanderia
Mario Lavandeira aka Perez Hilton very observant look at the market. He has been the animator blogger by launching a site or blog in 2005 with the name Perez Hilton.

He initially was as a journalist, he was very shrewd and deft concocted information into something valuable. The blog Perez Hilton more specializing in celebrity news, scandals and the like. So don't be surprised if a visit to this blog, will be a lot of news bombast from the celebrity world.

He became one of the 10 richest in the world of bloggers, because it has a high income. The average income from the blog Perez Hilton reached $200.000 – $400.000 or approximately Usd 2 to Rp5 billion in a month.

How not, every news published his has always been a topic of conversation that is warm in cyberspace. Mario Lavandeira is indeed perceptive to see that very many people are looking for information about celebrities and she's got capital towards there.

2. Pete Cashmore, Mashable ' ': $560.000 – $600.000 Per month
Pete Cashmore
Pete Cashmore became a blogger with the world's second-largest income from the blog Mashable. He has created the Mashable, a blog that covers anything from the world of technology and social media for business, entertainment and lifestyle.

Mashable is the largest independent site and has been awarded. This blog is also the most influential and most widely read. Where the most popular articles from this blog includes digital, social media products, and technology resources and news on technology.

The blog that Cashmore created from this in a bedroom in a locality in Scotland when he was only 19-years old, has brought him into bloggers filthy rich. He also has been crowned as the world's richest bloggers, with the average income a month $560.000 – $600.000 or Rp7 Rp 8 billion up to.

1. Michael Arrington, TechCrunch ' ': $500.000 – $800.000 Per month
Michael Arrington
For lovers of technology, especially in Indonesia, are familiar with the blog on this one. It was TechCrunch. Its founder was Michael Arrington who is very shrewd in seeing the progression of technology. He also made it under one roof called TechCrunch.

Arrington has been famous as  "Prophet Silicon Valley. " Itself has become the most influential figure in the field of technology. Blog updates the news so often that the lover of technology all over the world are pampered with news coming from minute to minute.

So it's not wrong if TechCrunch Arrington is currently belong to first, as a blog with the highest earnings reached $500.000 – $800.000 or Rp6 to Rp9 billion a month. Whereas this blog income only comes from its primary pay per click advertising Google Adsense. Woooww ...

Of the 10 bloggers who have a fantastic income above average use platfom WordPress, but for those who use other than WordPress such as Blogspot, you don't need to be concerned. Because many who have tasted the income from blog Blogspot.

the top 10 people in achieving success is not in a short time. Their average has made the blog since a long time. Take care of him, update and continue to do development. That's because they realize that, the blog is a long-term investment, so it's not a short way to become rich.

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How, there's still that does not yet believe that blog it could make someone filthy rich?. Even with just write, write and write one can be rich. The average blogger above, don't play the product affiliate or other online business. He was just relying on revenue on advertising slots. Hmmm ...

Come Spirit!How, there's still that does not yet believe that blog it could make someone filthy rich?. Even with just write, write and write one can be rich. The average blogger above, don't play the product affiliate or other online business. He was just relying on revenue on advertising slots. Hmmm ...

Come Spirit!

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