What Is The Highest Peak Of The Career Of A Blogger?

What Is The Highest Peak Of The Career Of A Blogger?

Finally wrote again to MULKI. I'm sure there's been missed. This blog is too long overlooked, neglected and I let traveled alone. Like water, he sought his way. Muscovy duck at best will be a puddle.

Yup. Im Back.

But I am back with one big question. What is truly the pinnacle of career a blogger?. There may be a judge, the effect I am resigned. What is the seterpuruk AREA until MULKI question cynical it appears. Can be Yes, could not. Depending on which view it from.

So here goes. Since the Mulki Area I created (still in the form of blogspot) 4 years 284 days ago. Exactly 22 February 2014. Has created 346 post broadcast. 347 with which you read today.

Along the way there's time Mulki Area I was really down. Not being able to write and do much. In addition to the costs that continue to come out. For coffee and wifi in cafes. To pay for domain per year. If the calculated number is indeed not how. But still mengempeskan pockets.

There are times I am very happy. When someone came up and commented then we discuss at length. I feel needed. What I write the benefit. At least so discourse material ones.

Total, there have been 917 comments that I publish on this blog. Many also finally I waste on spam. The average was created 2,000 page views (pageviews) per day. With total Pageviews all time based on the reports in the dashboard by as much as 4,506,495 times. Remember, this is the position of this per day.

What Is The Highest Peak Of The Career Of A Blogger?

If peek Google Analytics reports, the number of page views all the time is not much different. But users or visitors who have been stopped at Mulki Area reached 1,981,885 people. With their average duration of reading postings for 1 minute 49 seconds. Bounce Rate-its not very disappointing, entrenched at 68.77%.

What Is The Highest Peak Of The Career Of A Blogger?

That data could have been lying. But the lie any needless. Because if have to compare with other blogs, nothing much to Mulki masihlah Area is superficial. Still in the category of the blog novice.

But if asked, do me proud. Sure proud. But I am not necessarily satisfied. If you see carefully the data above, it would be very visible if 2017 so year Mulki Area. If successful it is assessed from the traffic, then that year very brilliantly. Because I was watching him.

2018 like suspended animation. Because it turns out to be committed is really difficult. Perhaps it also makes many people continue to singles.

Actually, I always wanted to go here. Writing that much. Share the experience. Share your knowledge. Give direction and as-etc. In fact, a full time blogger so it wasn't easy. As a result I had to take a job elsewhere.

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Divide the time in the world of work and blogging difficult difficult easy. Despite the fact that I take a job also still has to do with the internet. But that often makes me help write here is the hijackers. They continued to roam and does not know forgiveness. They like chewing gum stuck to the hair once the difficult loss.

But let it be. calculate alms knowledge to them. Else if finally the article taken from here is more popular that it is good for him. I only one Message, do not forget, and gifts.

In addition to the hijackers are no less bother me, is all about revenue. I don't like most of the bloggers who can easily raising blog. It first had a chance to try. Turned out to be difficult. Make that work is not easy. For one of these posts I just spend an hour more.

May receive many ads so the solution. Indeed the offer coming from many areas. With an enticing offer. But the content they submit is not fun for me. Many are strange. Magnifying the one site, to the money machine that it said was capable of enriching it in a minute.

Dude. It's not easy to make money.

I have live blogging since 2005 and yet rich-rich also until now. Either already how much money machine which he said is able to enrich in a short time. In fact, it was just gibberish. If they don't work hard and smart, high mountain will not be terdaki.

For this reason itupulalah that inspired me to write this. Questioned, the peak of a career as a blogger. Whether money could be a measure of the success of a blogger. Or are there other forms of career peaks then.

Why do I ask it, because on average the popular posts in Mulki Area always has to do with money. I long to think, justifies this blog just so the fields looking for money. No longer to share knowledge or experience.

Or indeed that seterpuruk our mind kala build blog. Who first invented was how to make money. Not how to create works that educate and help solve the problems of many people.

Because if so, I will be more difficult to answer the question of career Pinnacle a blogger. The edges must be income, but the experience should be preferred. If a lot of bloggers are finally so great writers, speakers here and there or even an expert in its field, so it's really wonderful.

But for me all that question still summary condemnation. Going where Mulki Area?.

I once wrote about the potential of blogs that we created 10 years later. It was 2016. At that time I think of it as an investment in the future. It could be would be worth the very high when his time comes. But everything in the future is still a mystery.

I will probably change a lot of things about the content on this blog. Do not let go of the old faces about blogging. But a little experimenting with other content. About anything. 2019 will come soon. Us meets at that time.

Back in the original question, I'm sure everyone's got the answer. There is no definite career for bloggers. But of course nothing can be different. If you want to hear my advice,  "bloggers it is not shortcut, living alone if you see any goodness in there. " so. 


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