Why Everyone Needs To Have A Website ?

Why Everyone Needs To Have A Website ?

Why Everyone Needs To Have A Website ?

There must be a presumption that enough with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram alone we can already exist. Especially if it is only for sale online. Some social media can be used elections caused coffers rupiah. But is it indeed so?.

I would like to tell a story first. I had a friend who was his hobby of photographing. He was so reliable and photografer contracted one of the big media in Indonesia. From the corner of my eye, the result of the photo is indeed always awesome.

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But two years later, he chose so freelance photograper and touched a wider market. The international market. So it's not easy to freelance. The street was deserted and the streets full of competition. Skill isn't the only one that counts. There are image is at stake.

He was having trouble, not because the quality is lacking. That's the image that inhibit factor. Several times he opened his bid to an outside agency, but does not always end up either because it does not have a container display showcase of his work.

Maybe there will be some who told me, Instagram can be used as a container. Correct. But the measure of professionalism a photografer very naive if using free containers. Social media is indeed important but build image need a little capital.

Some of the contacts in the agency that asked for personal website link. They want to see some examples of the work that has already been made. As well as just about anything interesting. So the website should not only create, but also introduce our identity on the internet.

Why Everyone Needs To Have A Website ?

Examples such as the friends I only small parts of the photografer to complete question why everyone needs a website. For sellers of these services is not messing around. If his intention is indeed looking for opportunities on the internet, then a good branding starts with a good website.

The current society habits started to shift. Little by little have been many community literacy digital literacy. No longer directly and Transact trust something just the information in may on social media. Our community began to build the habit of checking the official website of the seller.

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Because it would be very easy to recognize who the seller of the good and bad just by looking at the track record of the digital. So is knowing whether a secure website to Transact, simply by looking at the URL of the website.

This is all one unit if we talk to the role of the website for business. But what about for yourself ?.

If everyone in this world needs a home. Not just to take shelter and to sleep at night. But it's also too addresses send to send something. Then so does everyone's supposed to have an address on the internet. A website that functions and its work closely with our House in the real world.

The website can be used to showcase for example, or make it a portfolio of products or services that we have. E.g. you painter, well, its website is full of examples of the work. Or the author, website created will post results. And many more types of products and services that everyone can be different.

Through the website, will open an opportunity in collaboration with many parties. I've experienced it and feel grateful. Because of the little things that I'm going on the website, bring great impact. Even one time, I was contracted by one company a year after seeing what I'm doing.

I always emphasize to anyone, if you want to build a portfolio on the internet, make it to make it look professional. One way to not build a free website. This is important for any business that is for sale. To indicate success and well-being. No matter it works could be in the rooms or toilets though.


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