Why Should So Bloggers ?

Why Should So Bloggers

Someone once asked me,  "what have you prepared for the future? ", this question of course is not as easy to answer one add one in the world of mathematics. This is the science of uncertainty that I was not yet imagine life in the age of 40 or 60 years.

Advances in technology have given birth to generations of social native who inevitably will rule the civilization. As the generation that lived in the transition, of course we do not want to lose the chance in this carut marut's life. The question is, do we want to be involved in the change or so spectators in the process of change?.

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In this question, I replied so the offender changes will certainly give a share (apart from the great nothingness). I focus on participation in a positive form. As the science of causal, some are good some are bad. This option exists in the hands of who is the owner of the role of each.

I don't have a high education, let alone the title of master's degree, let alone a Ph.d. Professor. Scholars have achieved with lectures that do not for a moment. It took eight years with two different universities until finally last name labeled scholar. That was never my proud (because it cannot be proud of).

There may be asked, why was this article created?

This is not my heart poured out upon the cruel life. But the article I created as a reflection on the choice of life being a blogger. The expectation can be a lesson for me alone and create others (meant to).

I still often met a lot of people out there who doubt the profession of blogger. They are, moreover, already working (PNS or private) always consider myself the most ideal figure. Every day to work and then go home with all the tired. Maybe they are right.

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Our social lives have shaped the character of the ideal job in the future. In the neighborhood where I live, become CIVIL SERVANTS or police is the top strata of the most promising job listings. One reason for this, because both these jobs are promising a good future, there is a monthly salary and retirement.

A family whose children become CIVIL SERVANTS or police will be regarded in the community. No matter how many fifty or a hundred million of money spent to get the position. But anyway, this ketabuan has become a shared secret that keeps proud people. And unfortunately is out there, as if no other option as a profession.

Whereas, once again I have to say, the current generation has been born social native. Where the choice of the profession also had the more, one of them being a blogger.

Why should I become a blogger?

Pyra Labs in 1999 may not be thought what they create will become viral everywhere. The blog has been transformed from the most personal form in one's life is the most promising. This has been proven by many people. One of them is Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch.

Maybe Michael Arrington started the blog with a paid service. Don't think only those who use paid blog can achieve success. There is one female Nigerian who changed the views of most other bloggers around the world over a free blogger. Linda Ikeji it was he who rake in huge fortunes from blogspot.

Then Mulki Area ~ does include one of a successful blog?

TThis is a very difficult question to answer. If success was assessed from the material, then the Mulki Area ~ is still very much to be said to be successful. In terms of traffic, and even then it is still very far away. Mulki traffic Area ~ 1,000 to 2,000 dikisaran new visitor per day. Compare with other successful blogs, such as belong to the mas Sugeng or Maxmanroe, their visitor knows how every day?.

But if success is judged in terms of benefits, I myself could be heartened, Mulki Area ~ although small has been able to create benefit others. Starting simple, namely, measuring from incoming emails and comments in this blog posting nitizen.

If not high income, then why keep being bloggers ?

If the goal is money, then since the beginning I've failed. I know the blog since 2008. Had stalled because of one thing or another, but active back then created Mulki Area ~ as new means for storing knowledge. If you read the About page of this Blog About you might be slightly understood.

For me, the blog is not just a source of income. The blog is a record of a science that can be used by many people. I am aware, my memory is quite weak, so one way to let that knowledge remains awake is to write it down. In addition to help me remember things, certainly with this article many people also helped (the hope).

Become a blogger that the work forward. A year earlier it was only two years of the year's new journey is said to be a success. Success in terms of what you think (could be material, fame or other). Everything had a price worthy and bloggers are putting forward the patience to high prices.

If you understand economics, there is one that is always stressed by economic experts. Because of inflation and deflation is always changing at any time, then it is important existence to invest long term. We can buy mutual funds or stocks to play all of these problems. But many also choose to invest gold or property sector.

Whatever type of investment that we choose, the risks are always joining. One way to invest is to do a long time. If only one year to two years, then increased its value just a few percent, unlike the case with time such as a decade. Nilanya can be dozens and dozens of times.

In the blog world, this also is needed.

In the future, people will find a way make it easier for her. One of that into consideration is blog. The writings of all the problems can be obtained through the blog. The mainstream media would probably think twice to pick up a theme that looks more technical. Because of the technical stuff a lot more written by bloggers. This is one that we can make as a long-term investment.

The difference between investing in blogs with gold investment or mutual fund is liveliness. Investment blog not only judged by the number of new blogs are created, but the number of blogs that were created and then grew up. Blogs are not groomed to be lost gradually engulfed the world. One way to take care of him is to fill it with content.

My message is, start with the content which is beneficial and positive. Because what you write will be viral dimasyarakat. You definitely don't want, twenty years later, the descendants of the negative posts that you find so affect their personality. If do not want that to happen, then start thinking positively and spread things smelling positively.


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