3 ways to utilize blogs to earn money from the Internet

Technological developments in the digital era have embodied various types of desires come true. One of them is the desire to get money without having to work an office that can be realized by the existence of Internet technology.

In addition to opening an online store by buying cheap vps, over time, more people are making personal blogs and utilizing it to earn money from the Internet.

The existence of blogs in cyberspace can not be underestimated anymore. Its very important existence as an information provider platform has been the equivalent of mainstream online media in general. In fact, many people are more trusting in the information they get from blogs because of the emotional bonds created with the authors as the blog owners themselves.

Seeing the phenomenon, it is not surprising anymore if the blogger profession begins to rise in the millennial circles. But in fact, many do not understand that earnings from the blog can not be obtained directly in a short period of time.

It takes patience and consistency to finally get high traffic and the blog can be monetize with maximum. Therefore, there are a number of ways that you can try to improve your visitor blog and earn quicker earnings through the blog.

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Here are 3 ways to utilize blogs to earn money from the Internet :

1. Maximizing Affiliate Marketing

One program that is more often utilized as a source of income from the Internet is affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing. This Program aims to promote a product of a brand. If you've joined, you can start looking for new users for the brand to earn extra income.

Joining as a member or member of an affiliate marketing is quite easy. You just need to go to the brand website that has the program and install the special link to your website. These links are usually embedded in a banner or a specific keyword in a product review article from the brand in question.

The usual challenge of this program is to convince and direct the visitor to squeeze the link and make a purchase on the brand website that you are affiliated with

One of the ways you can start directing your visitor to your affiliate link is to create content that's relevant to that brand. For example, you have been affiliated with a brand of web hosting service providers. So, create content that is relevant to the utilization of hosting. You can create content such as benefits using hosting, how to maximize your hosting as a website for online trading, and so on.

Not only the blog content can be used as a platform to boost income from affiliate marketing. You can also maximize your link marketing or affiliate voucher via social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Content reviews that have been connected to affiliate marketing can be exposed to more audiences.

2. Offer advertising Services

Online marketing can be done in a variety of ways. In addition to SEO, Ads or ads can be used as tools to bring more traffic to a content. This opportunity can be used by opening advertising services on the blog. The earnings earned can be based on the number of clicks or the ranking rate of your website in the search engines.

One of the tools that advertisers use most often is ad network like Google Adsense. Blogs that wish to have Adsense ads installed must be listed first. Once successful, ads will be installed in the space or space you provide for the ads on the blog. Earnings from Adsense will follow the amount of your blog traffic. The higher the visitor number, the higher the income you will get.
In addition to ad network, you can target ads to those who have services in accordance with the content you create. Let's say you have a website design and architecture. You can offer special space for companies and brand furniture that want to promote their products according to target market that is targeted through your website.

Not only does it provide space for advertisers, you can also offer writing services to create paid content or sponsored posts. Through this service, advertisers pay you to provide reviews and backlinks to their company's websites. Once your content is published, you also do social share through social media to reach a wider audience.

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3. Open Online Course

You already have experience in culinary world as a chef? Or maybe you've long been in the world of photography as a professional photographer? Try to open an online course or class from your blog.

By having a blog, you can enrich the content in it with a wide variety of knowledge around the fields that you have mastered. If your blog is already strong in terms of content, your image or personal branding as a professional in that field will also be formed by itself. The credibility of the blog will further convince your visitor to learn more from you.

For that, before starting an online course session through a personal website, it doesn't hurt to be an instructor on online learning platforms such as BitDegree, Udemy, Skillshare, and various other online learning platforms. These platforms can later improve your "flying hours" as an online teacher. That way, your performance will be even more honed and there will be more people who believe in the course services you offer.

There are many methods that can be done if you intend to "sell" the services and earn as an online instructor through your website. In addition to expanding your portfolio through an online learning platform, you need to install a plugin such as Easy Digital Downloads, if you use WordPress as your website's platform. This Plugin that then directs the visitor website to access the files that need to be learned further in your class.

With the proper use of the plugin, you can maximize the personal website to share your knowledge with those who want to learn more easily online. Various guides like eLearning can be accommodated in a variety of formats, such as PDFS, videos of a certain duration, to audio that can be listened to while doing other activities.

Through a plugin such as Easy Digital Downloads, you can restrict access to data that you can download. Access restrictions can be used to provide a fee or fee to your website members in order to be able to access the desired "premium" data. This way, you can earn more revenue from the content you create.


Utilizing a blog to earn money from the Internet is not instant money that can be obtained only with 1-2 posts only. It takes persistence and consistency to optimize the content in it over time. Manage the content that your visitor needs regularly to improve your traffic. That way, the earnings you get through the blog will also follow. Happy Blogging!

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