7 Tips for success becoming a Startup Founder

Many people who only know about the success of a startup, most of them do not see how the process, how to run and build a startup. The biggest factor that affects the success of a #startup is determined by the attitude and way of acting the Foundernya.

How a founder is harvesting and developing his startup It is a crucial factor. Below are some tips for you who want to succeed to become a founder of startup.

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1. Eliminate doubts in acting

Making a careful planning before we act to do something is indeed a good thing. But don't get stuck for too long in our own thinking that ultimately makes a doubt about the decision to be taken.

Most founder startups don't much think long yet they are straightforward action to find the best solution and keep improving until it can be introduced to the public. Broadly, we should spend less time thinking about some plans and using more time to do the solution.

If you're not sure yet, don't be afraid of being wrong in acting and fixing what's lacking in your actions. Because evaluating and analyzing self-error will be easier to do when already doing the right action.

2. Don't judge money as the only success factor

The need for funds is not denied to important needs. But in fact, most businesses only need a little money to get started. And startups that have limited funds precisely they are more successful than startups that have many funds.

The easiest thing to prove this is to see how many startups are operating in bootstrap but are successful in existence and hold big for a long time. Having a lot of funds will precisely dispose of the opportunity to maximize potential by using the funds for unnecessary things.

With a limited money, you as the founder will work harder and reap the results of solving a variety of problems arising from the ease squandering money.

3. Always think about consumer needs

Do not hurry up thinking to have an office that has complete facilities like a big company. Before we realize that desire, we must make sure that it will attract the attention of consumers. Most consumers of a startup don't mind the office location but they are more looking into the products that the startup has.

Always think of the consumer's wishes first. The more you listen to their wishes, the more profit gained. You should always remember, the success of established startups is not seen from how good the office we have but how much profit and benefits your startup provides to consumers.

4. Don't think of the location where you build

As already mentioned before, don't think too much about the place where your startup will be established. Because consumers do not see it. Consumers will see the services that our startups have and how useful the service is to the problems that consumers face.

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5. Spend a lot of time making products

Avoid thinking too long but your actions are few. Focus on designing your best products and of course attracting consumers to use the products they make. Keep developing the product you are making to achieve a perfection.

6. Never complain

In building a startup should we have to set the mind to be a tough and persistent person. Never complain about the problems that your startup is facing. Think of all the problems that exist as a challenge to raise your startup then that startup will be a wonderful product.

7. Avoid time-wasting activities

Don't do things that waste time raising the startup you're building. Focus on doing important for the progress of the startup itself, and achieve as much profit as possible. Always focus on your goals and act without fear of the risks that will occur.

If we've gone through the above 7 stages, it's not difficult to become a successful startup founder. With the mindset and proper action startup you build will be a ' deadly ' business weapon.

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