7 Tips to make visitors feel at home in your Blog

7 Tips to make visitors feel at home in your Blog

Creating a blog that gets high traffic is not an easy thing. Especially if you expect visitors who come to linger to be on your blog. Like a place in real life, one can feel at home or not at home in the place. In the virtual world, especially in a blog visitors can feel two things earlier.

Surely you as a #blogger so hope that visitors who come to your blog can feel at home. Because if the average visitor of your blog is at home linger then you have the possibility to be able to get even greater traffic. Then how can a blog can make the visitors who come to linger in it? Here's the explanation.

1. Write something interesting and useful

The first Tips to be able to make your blog visitors feel at home is to present interesting and useful content or writing. The Blog whose main concept presents a media displaying the writing is not willing to have to integrity with this policy. The more interesting and useful writing you make, the greater your chances and opportunities to make visitors feel comfortable to linger on your blog.

2. Install the Related Post Plugin

Not infrequently the blog visitors who come are the ones who are looking for a particular theme or topic. Well you can take advantage of this situation by creating a related post plugin or plugin that will show other posts related to the theme that the visitor is reading. This can be done by WordPress blog user by install it.

With this plugin, visitors who are looking for a theme will be pampered with similar themes and will eventually make them feel like you linger on your blog.

3. Create random Link posts in the Blog Sidebar

In addition to the same theme posts, you can also make the end of the home by displaying the link of a random post in the blog sidebar. Although not similar, but other themes that might attract them to read are also worth a try. Displaying a link in a random way will also make your old post not sinking eaten time.

Then just show this old post link in the blog sidebar so visitors get more content and reading. This kick is usually powerful to make the feel of visitors who come by accident and bloggers who are being blogwalking.

4. Show popular Menu and post links

Another way to make visitors who accidentally find your blog or blogger Blogwalking at home is to display the menu and link popular posts. Of course, many posts will have one of the most frequently read posts by visitors. From here just show the menu and its links are strategic place and often seen by visitors.

5. Provide Blog archive page

More than just the look of similar, random and popular posts, you also need to create a blog archive page to make your visitors feel at home. The blog's own archive page is a table of contents that contains all the titles of posts on your blog. On this page later visitors will be able to look around the entire content of a blog.

From here they can find some interesting titles to read. Finally visitors will also be able to last longer be on your blog.

6. Create clear navigation and menus

Do not underestimate navigation and menu display on the main page of the blog. If you make both of these elements obscure and messy then most likely visitors will soon be going to leave your blog. So try to make the show navigation and menus clear and easy to see. This will make the visitor feel comfortable and feel at home in your blog.

7. Customize a neat and unique Template

The last tip to make a blog visitor at home is to implement a neat and unique template. The look and design of the blog does affect the level of fun and boredom. Then the better, tidy and unique look of your blog template looks more and more visitors who like. From these likes, your chances of making them feel at home will be even greater.


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