1. Can write

The biggest problem for some people is that they can not write. The majority of people are more happy to be readers or audiences. They'll say, I don't have any talent. Well, here we will defeat all of that, even though it is ugly and not quality.

However, as time goes by the quality of writing will be better when continuously trained. Your current writing may not be as good as a book writer, literary, or reporter, but rest assured that you continue to write, you will also equal their ability.

2. Diligent Reading

Indonesia is one of the lowest read-level countries in the world. It's no wonder that our country is tough to rise from the crowd, because teenagers and young people prefer watching the Joget show on TV rather than racking up the brain reading and studying the meaning of another person's writings. By being a blogger is sure you diligently read because it is unlikely you are able to make a good writing when your own rarely read.

3. Always up-to-date

Undeniable, besides journalists, bloggers are the ones who are most up to date against the developments of the news. Because bloggers always want to find out the latest news to become material posts on his blog. For that blogger always thirst for the latest info and the latest news that exist in the world today that makes it someone who is always up-to-date.

4. Not stuttering technology

As a person who lives in the digital age and information, it is a must for a blogger to know the latest technological developments. What if the niche blog is technology and gadgets. Being a blogger also makes you not stuttering aka Gaptek technology.

Because you are familiar with a wide range of facilities on the internet, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, SlideShare, and others. In fact the founders of famous startup companies started their business from blogs, such as Neil Patel.

The ability to use that technology should be proud of. Because not everyone is able to do it.

5. Know the Marketing Science

You realize or not, by becoming a blogger you already know the basics of marketing science. Can't believe it? You definitely want to create post titles that interest visitors, increase blog traffic, blog promotion in the offline world, SEO, to make use of social media, until it gives a good comment when blogwalking.

All of the above it shows if you are a little much know about the world of marketing. You should be proud because many people who do not know such science are not even familiar with the name of marketing.

6. Has a wide connection

You have a lot of friends in real life. How many friends do aAda have a hobby? By becoming a blogger you will improve the friendship network. You can also add new friends to your hobby. Is it not fun chatting with friends who have the same hobby and orientation?

He's in the world of bloggers there is no such thing as senior bloggers, beginner bloggers, professional bloggers. Everything is equal and considers himself to be ordinary people. You should be proud to have such a community.

7. Soulful researchers

Bloggers not only have the ability to write, but to be a good blogger you are required to master various fields. One of them is research. Why can it be? Because before doing a blog post, you should do a keyword research online.

That could be an estimate of the keywords that people are likely to search for, or you use tools like Google Keyword Planner for keyword research. In addition, you also often research and analyse the various errors that occur in your blog.

So by being a blogger, I proudly declare if we are the bloggers of this class just as scientists and professors are only without a degree!

8. Known to many people

Who is not familiar with Raditya Dika? This multi-talented Blogger is very famous both in cyberspace and in the real world. It is arguably the celebrity of Indonesian bloggers who have no rival to this time.

By becoming a blogger, open opportunities for you to be known to the wider community even appear in the media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, to appear on television such as lindaikeji.

If not as popular as lindaikeji, your writings will be read by others. You will be known by your writing work. Can you be known by other people when not a blogger? It can be, but there is a way to be famous people.

8. You've got fans

Super Junior, Justin Bieber, SNSD, and Noah are singers and music groups with many fans. We also certainly see how the hysteria of their fans to watch his idol?

As a blogger, you can also have fans that are RSS subscribers or newsletters. Regardless if you've got a little or many, at least you already have fans. Not many people have fans whose work is always awaited. Imagine you have thousands of fans who are always waiting for your latest writing.

9. Your discipline

Based on a few days of experience in Malaysia and Singapore, their progress can be concluded due to their disciplined inhabitants. Especially in Singapore, the population is very disciplined. A successful blogger has already applied this discipline trait within him.

Just imagine what it would be when you never update your blog anymore. Your traffic and income will also drop drastically. The best way to keep your blog crowded to visit is to discipline creating posts, diligently commenting on other blogs, share posts to social media, and other disciplines is the most important key to achieving success. There is no successful man's story without good self-discipline.

10. You can get rich from blogs

Rich the kingdom from the blog was just a dream? Not too. If not believe please read the success stories of online businessmen who depart from the blog.

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