EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a powerful way to restore important lost Data

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a powerful way to restore important lost Data

If you have a lot of important data in your laptop or smartphone device, all you need to do is keep the data safe and secure from virus threats as well as other things that can make Your data is lost.

Of course, you don't want to find all the important data such as Office files, office important documents or coursework stored in a laptop device to suddenly disappear right away? Well then you need a reliable data backup software to solve it.

Nowadays, there are a lot of data backup applications or software available on the Internet that you can get easily. Whether it's a free version or a paid version, you can choose the data backup software to your liking with the benefits each one offers.

One of the good data backup apps is EaseUS data recovery Wizard which is one of the best free data recovery software to easily and quickly recover deleted, formatted, or lost data from your PC, laptop, or device Removable.

With easy and simple use, you don't need a lot of time to get files and also lost documents due to various things like malicious virus attacks, formatting errors, partition loss, OS crashes and more.

The way to use it so easy to make many users from all over the world is impressed much less with the various features it has to make many users feel safe to protect their important data.

#How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

All you need to do is first you need to download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free (free). You only need to take some time to get started.

Then then open the software and select the location where the files are erased from your device. After that start scanning and ready to do the job so that the lost files can be recovered.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a powerful way to restore important lost Data

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a powerful way to restore important lost Data

You need to know before, there are two options that you can choose to scan the process according to your needs, namely:

  1. Quick Scan; Scan process quickly where the software scans only on the part of System Drive, Rootkits (with the scan speed selected IE fast), and Auto-Star program (where for programs that run automatically on the System).
  2. Deep Scan; The process of scanning deeply and thoroughly on all parts of Hard Disk, rootkits, Auto-Start programs and modules loaded in memory (all programs that run automatically and modules running in memory).

For Quick Scan, it will only do the Scan in the appropriate location you want. And the process usually only takes a short time so you don't have to wait a long time.

For Deep Scan, this is a thorough scan job of the data you want. Do a thorough scan and this means it takes more time but it is very recomended to get maximum results.

If you are interested in trying out the products from EaseUS vendor then you can get it directly through the official site. You can also try first for the free version if you don't need the paid version yet. However, of course the facilities obtained for the free version are very limited.

If you want to get more complete and optimal features then it is advisable to try the paid version. However, actually the features in the free version are pretty good and optimal.

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