Here are 5 investment forms a Blogger should do

Blogging nowadays is not just an activity to fill alone leisure time. With the possibility of bloggers earning, this activity can no longer be underestimated. Then no doubt if then the status of #blogger is increasingly more and more desirable to be used as a profession.

From here, some bloggers do not hesitate to invest in this field of blogs. Investing by issuing a certain amount of funds is necessary for the purpose of earning from this blog achieved successfully. Then what are the forms and investments that a blogger should do? Here's the explanation.

1. Laptop

The investment form of a first blogger is the procurement of laptops. If you are still doing this blogging activity in PC devices (Personal Computer), then if you have enough budget then you need to buy a laptop.

Why buy a laptop? Because with this device you will be more freely to do blogging activities anywhere. And more fun with laptops, you can post your blog in comfortable and enjoyable places.

To invest this one you don't have to force yourself to buy an expensive laptop. Because blogging relies solely on Microsoft Word programs and apps #browser it doesn't seem to require you to buy expensive laptops. Even quite with a netbook type laptop you can already do your blogging activities quickly and comfortably.

2. Smartphone

If you already have a laptop, but do not have a smartphone device, then it's time to invest in this one device. Why Smartphone? Because with this device, your #blogging activities will be more facilitated.

Can? Of course it can, because of the smartphone so you can do mobile blogging activities where activities like writing, posting, blogwalking, moderating comments, making drafts and others can all be done through the smartphone.

With this smartphone you can also establish communication with several clients and vendors for cooperation programs with you. In addition to this powerful device you can also view your account balance #paypal or your bank account that may have already received your income deposit.

3. Blog, Hosting and Domain

To become a professional blogger then you are required to also be professional. One of the ways professional attitudes in the blogging world is related to the use of hosting and domain blogs. Yes, these two elements will reflect the seriousness of a blogger. If you are still using a free domain and hosting then of course you can be considered unprofessional.

Therefore when you have more funds, you can invest in your blog by buying buying a domain and hosting. Domain and hosting itself the price is not too expensive Kok. Because enough with Rp 100 thousand per year then you can get the domain. As for the self-hosting you only need to spend money starting from Rp 10,000 per month.

4. Design the Blog

Professional blogs that have the opportunity to earn income can also be seen from the design of blogs owned. The more responsive and looks stunning blog design you have, the more professional your blog anyway.

So if during this time you still use the blog design of a free standard template, then you can buy a paid template or hire a Web service designer to design your blog. Don't worry that the things you do this will be worth it, because a professional blog look is a long-term investment for blog monetization activities.

5. Promotion

Lastly, the shape or form of investment blogger that should be done is promotion. Yes, so that the blog is increasingly known and popular, you are indeed required to do promotion. Like a business, a blog also requires a #promosi or a precise and effective marketing campaign.

In this case bloggers can indeed choose the form of free promotion via social media. But if you have more funds then it doesn't hurt to do a paid promotion like creating a blog sticker, advertising via mass media or advertising on #Google Ads and more.


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