How to create Viral content? Here are 9 + 1 techniques you can try

How to create Viral content
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How to create Viral content ~ who doesn't want to make a content that can be viral on the internet? Of course all bloggers or Internet marketers want to be able to create such content.

Content that can affect a lot of netter, certainly also able to bring many advantages for us. Start from traffic, followers, even directly earning through advertising programs or the like.

And the fact is, many researchers in technology and digital marketing, mentioning that a content that is capable of being viral has certain elements that can affect the reader to share the content.

And from the research, then compiled 9 + 1 techniques that can be used to conjure a viral content via cyberspace.

These techniques are all based on a lot of research results, so it can certainly be a credible input for peers when wanting to create quality content.

Without further do, here's the explanation!

Technique 1 ~ Start with a brief, clear and solid Intro

Research from NNGroup, mentioning that it turns out that the average netizens only read no more than 28% of the overall content of our contents.

Therefore, don't waste the initial opportunity to attract a reader's interest!

How? Namely by making paragraphs

Intro or prefix paragraph, which is not rambling. Convey it with a brief, clear and solid meaning.

However to note is, the brief here does not mean the initial paragraphs do not get any special attention. Because of the opposite, in this paragraph the reader will decide to read our content until it is exhausted or not.

The Tips can be done, create a prefix paragraph that instantly exposes some interesting facts from the contents of our content. That fact we can add with phrases that can lure emotions, or curiosity from the reader.

It can also be added, a question sentence that will psychology affect a person's reading interest. For example we can see in the image below. Although simple, but the initial paragraph of PanduanIM.com viral content is certainly can be an example for us.

Technique 2 ~ Use a compact URL

The next study was done by Marketing Sherpa who found that it turned out that the URL of the content was more concise, capable of attracting readers 2.5 times better than a long URL or even confusing.

Discussing URL problems, one of which can be attributed to SEO affairs. Many believe that, in the URL we can embed the keyword we are shooting.

In fact, writing a URL longer or supplemented by a bunch of additional affixes such as numbers, dates or special codes, will instead lower the netter's interest to read it.

Then how do I create a good URL?

A popular Internet marketer, Brian Dean suggests the use of 2 to 3 words only.

This technique is also used by some popular bloggers in Indonesia, such as the blog PanduanIM.com.
  • The advantage of this technique, the first short URL is able to provide convenience for the reader to know the contents of our content quickly and clearly.
  • The second advantage, the short URL is also more eye cacthing when in the share on social media.
  • The third advantage, from the SEO side in fact the direct naming of the targeted keywords, is able to increase the likelihood of indexing better.
Still with respect to this technique, do not use any URL that does not directly describe the content of our contents. Because in some CMS has a default URL template that lists the code from the post rather than the title of our content.

For example, we can compare the following 2 URLS.



It would be better if we use the first type of URL which is descriptive or directly describes the contents of our content instead.

In addition, sometimes, in the second example URL, it tends to make visitors confused and worried if the content is not credible content, or even content that contains viruses or malware. The impact will certainly be bad for the development of our content.

Technique 3 ~ Use odd numbers

The results of the research of an online research institute of Conductor, mentioned that 36% of articles with headlines are equipped with numbers, capable of bringing in greater click.

And from the study, it was also revealed that from 150,000 headlines that were sampled, headlines or titles using odd numbers have a higher CTR value of 20% than those using even numbers.

Basically, the use of numbers already has a positive impact if attached to the title of the article. The use of numbers will affect an article appear to be more specific and interesting in the eyes of the reader.

Then certainly a lot of thought, what distinguishes odd numbers and even numbers? Actually both still give good results. However, in some cases, the reality of the odd number psychologically looks more attractive than even numbers.

Technique 4 ~ Use parentheses ()

Another study by Hubspot found that there was an influence from the use of parentheses () added to the title or headline.

A content that comes with parentheses, apparently able to increase CTR by 38%, compared to those who do not use.

The world's bloggers, too, often use this technique when creating a content that can then be viral.

What's the reason? Actually, the reason is quite simple, parentheses are generally followed by a specific information such as for example, a case study, information form, additional bonus information, or other things used to better explain the content of The article.

And this is what many readers see as a more benefit when reading the article. They can already predict what the article will be like later. In addition, the provision of parentheses is also able to make our content look more professional.

Technique 5 ~ Importance of image elements

In the study, the Xerox printing device company found that the addition of colorful and interesting image elements could increase the interest in reading the content by 80% better.

Use color images

Therefore, strive to always add an eye-catching color image and relate to content, in the initial paragraph.

Again take the example of PanduanIM.com, in all its articles always include an interesting colored image at the beginning of the article.

Bonus tips: It would be better if we provide an image of a size that is not too large. Just give it a small but interesting picture and can be placed sticking to the right or left of the beginning of the article.

In addition to being faster to load (reducing page loads), this kind of drawing also makes the reader directly focus on our content, not just the image.

Lots of images = many Share

Other Research conducted by Skyword that reveals that a majority of content is dominated by text, at least must include 1 picture in order to be able to increase share number, especially through social media.

This may not be too surprising, since readers are essentially more pleased to listen to interesting visual content rather than continue to be flooded with continuous text.

Even some viral content created by popular bloggers, lists 1 image for every 300 words. Although the number is not rigid, at least it does give explanation through visual images will further increase the reader's interest and understanding. Rekomended to try!

Technique 6 ~ Images become a sign of credibility

Most of the readers, myself included, tend to be easy to share a content through social media or other online channels, if the content has good credibility. The reason, of course we do not want if we branded have shared the content is not quality much less hoax content instead.

And by providing interesting image or photo files, and arranged in such a way as the added watermark, certainly will look more professional. Finally the reader, not hesitate to share our content, which is the tail with viral effects!

Speaking of professionalism, it would be better if we use image files or photos that have high quality. The "professional" photograph, in fact, is also able to increase the share level on social media, this is taken from a study conducted by Marketing Sherpa.

Mentioned that, content that comes with photos or quality images, has the possibility of sharing 121% larger than those using less quality images.

In this case, the quality that is spoken of is, at least covering three points:

  1. It has a high resolution.
  2. Not a bad quality photo stock. (generally there are still watermarks)
  3. Completely match the theme or content of our contents.
It is not everyone, having the ability to take photos of themselves or create images using digital software. The solution, we can search through the facilities of free image such as Pixabay, Pexels or others.

Technique 6 ~ Create long content

Professor Dr. Jonah Berger, in his research, finds that long content has the ability to be viral 76.8% better than short content.

This seems to be a common secret, and many are sought by those who are in the world of blogging and internet marketing. For example, to win the SERP competition, the long article is able to give the SEO effect more kick than with a short article.

The next question, how long is the article we should make?

From a study also mentioned that, a 2416 word number was able to occupy the majority of the first position in the search engines.

But if averaged, at least we have to create an article with a length of more than 2000 words.

If able to make it longer? Sure it would be better.

But the problem is, not all authors can create articles that are so long. The solution is, by combining some ideas that are still related into one long article. For this technique, it may be discussed in other articles.

Technique 7 ~ Add a prominent Share button

Even Google's popular search engine, in its research also suggests the developers of blogs or websites, adding share button facilities to any content they have.

More specifically, it turns out that the share button placement also affects the magnitude of the opportunity to get more share or like from the reader. Google notes, the share button placed hovered over (as in the image below), has a chance of 58% better than the placement of the share button at the bottom or the static ones.

For those who use, CMS WordPress, certainly very easy, there are many plugins that can be used to bring up the share button "hovering".

The point is not to make your reader confused to find the share button, just make the reader interested to press the button. If you need to give the lure of PDF, free software or additional advantage if readers want to do like and share. Again, be creative!

Technique 8 ~ Enter the emotional element

From a study published in the journal Marketing Research, discovering that content that contains emotional messages such as admirable, shocking, or to spark anger, may be 28% capable of searching for viral content.

What to understand is that someone shares a content, all based on emotional decisions. Therefore it does not hurt, if we also incorporate elements that are able to awaken the emotional side of the reader.

More specifically, from the examples that have been given, there are three types of emotions that can be included, such as admiration, surprise, and who are able to spark anger.

  • Awesome content

For the first of admiration. Actually it is very common, people like to share something that can be awesome. But the unconscious is, to be able to create really awesome content, we not only present the general facts that can be found elsewhere.

We must be able to, re-arrange the facts and develop them into a detailed discussion and can be applied directly.

Therefore, if associated with the function of viral content, it would be better if we create detailed content by entering some awesome facts as seasonings in it.

  • Shocking content

In fact it is almost the same way to lure emotions of awe, generally surprising content that contains rare facts or discussions.

In order to get this kind of facts, we must be deep in relation to the theme of the content we develop. But for those who are not experts in the field, there are also practical tips.


Namely by collecting facts and discussions from experts are then developed and added with personal opinions. But certainly still require effort and your creativity.

  • Spark Anger

A viral content, sometimes also seasoned with various things that can make people react loudly. These are generally more controversial, or opinions that ultimately spark opposition.

Basically sometimes, even though we have given everything we think is best in the content we create, there are also unequal minded people. This is where the effect of anger can spur a viral content.

Perhaps colleagues themselves, have already experienced it. When we see a content that contains controversial issues, even if we don't like the content of it, we might just share it? It may be his intention to give information or warnings to friends and others.

But in this case, we certainly keep the pattern think wisely when we want to develop a viral content. We must not exploit or even disseminate untrue and misleading information. Say No to Hoax and negative Clickbait!

Technique 9 ~ Use hashtags

Initially, hashtags were first introduced through Twitter's social media, but the other form of the keyword or tag would be mushoing to many other online platforms.

Moreover, for the purpose of converting a content to viral, hashtags are also necessary when we want to get attention via social media.

From the research data done by Dan Zarrella, it is revealed that the use of hashtags on a tweet URL, can increase the likelihood of retweets by up to 55% compared to not using hashtags.

For direct deployment, peers can add hashtags that are target keywords in the description section.

Generally using Yoast SEO plugin, there is a "Social" option as shown below.

The effects of this hashtag will also take effect when someone searches for the hashtag we've written. It is not impossible that we can get fresh traffic from the source.

Technique 9 + 1 ~ Publish The content at the right time

When we want to push a content to be viral on the internet, another thing that should not be forgotten is related to the time when you publish the content.

For example, in a previous article, about the best time to make a post on social media, it turns out that there is also the most efficacious time if we want to get a high social share.

This is supported by the researcher Shareaholic who mentioned that, time between 8 a.m. to 12 PM, has the possibility of a higher social share about 27% than the rest of the time.

But if asked more specifically, what time do you publish your content best?

It certainly depends on a few things, such as where we live as well as the target content we create.

Generally for content created for readers around the world, it would be better if we do post gradually. Because, the active time of the readers in each place is certainly different from one another. That is the reason why, using vulnerable time between 08.00 am and 12 pm.

Different if we take the target of local readers, especially for readers in Indonesia. From a data I have ever read, mentioning that the most appropriate time to get a high social share is at noon break around 11.30 to 13.00 and before bedtime around 20.00 to 22.00.

The reason is, that time is when people have leisure time to pay attention to our content in a more detailed way. Especially if our content is interesting, the spread will be faster because it takes a longer time.

That's 9 + 1 technique that we can use to juggle a content to be viral. By utilizing a lot of facilities that have been scattered either on social media or other online platforms, we only need to be smarter and more creative so that later the content of our work can attract the attention of millions of netizens around the world.

Most importantly, don't forget to always put the quality of the content above all else. By believing it or not, quality is the most spacious way to achieve success, including in an effort to create viral content.

Have additional tips? Can do share in the comment field.

Hopefully useful and good luck.

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