Increasingly easy to manage Online business Website with 3 WordPress plugins

The growing online business trend in recent years makes more people interested in buying cheap cloud hosting. Through the selected web hosting services, entrepreneurs can run their business more easily.

This facility is supported with various features, such as disk space is greater than the usual hosting until the presence of customer service 24/7. However, there are various procedures that must be passed through a platform such as WordPress CMS to build up to manage it into a generating business website.

In its management, there are various tools that need to be used to maximize the functionality of WordPress as a CMS. One is the plugin. If an online business website does not come with a payment method or purchase history, then the online store only works like a regular website.

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When described as a regular store, the online store without the plugin is just a storefront store with no cash register. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to improve their website performance by installing the right plugin. Here are 3 plugins that can be utilized to maximize the functioning of your online business website.

1. Simple WordPress PayPal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

If you have a business that targets overseas or international markets, the choice of payment feature using PayPal will feel very crucial. So, it is important that you use WordPress plugin in the form of Simple PayPal Shopping Cart.

Using this plugin, you can create an ADD to Cart option on any page on any business website or online store you own. Customers can easily add items to buy and make payments via PayPal with the plugin on your online store.

In addition, the plugin allows online store owners to provide and sell various items, both in physical and digital form. There are even some advanced options, such as the option to customize checkout pages and the activation of discounts.

Overall, a plugin sort of WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart offers quite specific features. So if you want to make a variation of payment options and at no extra cost, you can make use of WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart on your online store website.

2. Photo Gallery by 10web

The choice of payment methods is not the only important thing that needs to be present on your online store website. In order to develop the online business that you run, there needs to be a gallery as a place to display products so that customers can see and do the product checks you sell more clearly.

If the choice of payment method is like a cash register at a store, the gallery serves as a showcase where you put the products offered to the customers through the website page. Therefore, you have to make use of plugins that can accommodate the creation of gallery pages, such as Photo Gallery by 10web.

Plugins such as Photo Gallery by 10web will also be very useful for those who love to shoot and are very helpful with the world of photography. With this plugin, you can not only post snapshots, but also sell them directly through your own photography portfolio website.

Through this plugin, you can make use of watermark features and features that disable right click. So that the visitors who intend to take your photos for free can not save the photographs that you post. 

Through these features, you can not only sell your photography work on the website, but also protect your work from theft in the digital sphere. So if they want to have your work, they should buy it according to the price set.

Basically, this plugin can be obtained for free. It provides free version. However, if you want to get the full features of this plugin, you can get a premium license of $30 or approximately Rp. 426,255 per six months.

3. MemberPress

If you have an online store based forum or community, you can rely on the MemberPress plugin to maximize your website. With this plugin, online store owners can create premium member-only content features, which can only be accessed by people who are already members by paying a certain amount of fees on a regular basis.

Not only that, you can activate multiple membership tiers equipped with a number of advantages. You can also form a closed community forum and offer discounts or discounts on certain services addressed to those who are already premium members.

To make your membership-based online store website more crowded, try running an affiliate program. The Program can be easily setup with the Express plugin. In addition, this tool also offers a variety of options that function analytic. So if later the program is already running, you can do tracking easily.

Through this plugin, you can add various add-ons to customize the websites of online stores that have been managed periodically. These advantages are what makes MemberPress one of the best WordPress online store plugins you deserve to try to maximize the performance of your online store website.

If you want to get a MemberPress license, you have to spend a fee of $129 or approximately Rp. 1, 8million annually for one website. By purchasing these licenses, you'll get access to over 20 add-ons and integrations.


Running an online store and managing a website to sell your products can be very overwhelming. What if you don't have an IT background to understand how to build a website to work optimally.

Therefore, feel free to find out more information related to the management of the online store website. It would be better if you use WordPress based hosting in order to utilize various free and paid plugins that can be installed easily. Good luck!


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