This article is the tips that you can try according to your situation and condition, which is suitable for you please try. I will write my review results on websites belonging to foreign success publishers as well as domestic publishers and you can take lessons from them.

1. Jamie Frater (New Zealand)

This New Zealand man started his website www.listverse.com since 2007 by posting AdSense ads on it. The article he buys from anyone who wants to submit to his website. If the article meets the criteria, it will pay for $100 or worth 1 million rupiah for one article.

Every month at least he issued 75 million rupiah to buy articles from the submiters. However, the money he spent each month will return the amount of the rupiah from AdSense.

As technology progresses, Jamie Frater optimizes the website by applying multi-screen techniques. That is, the website uses the responsive design so that it can be accessed from any device perfectly, including all kinds of mobile phones. The ads will look perfect on any screen. Jamie Frater gained 50% of the revenue from mobile users.

This multi-screen technique you can try using the responsive template in your AdSense blog.

2. Local Publisher 

This local publisher is a successful publisher in AdSense secretly, meaning it's not listed in the AdSense success story list on Google because they don't share their success stories to Google. These local publishers generally use their own ways of playing adsense, and their techniques are unlike the overseas success publishers that come in the Google album.

Local publishers conducted keyword research to shoot high HPK with low competitors, then he bought new domains and hosting. Next they are ordering articles according to his invention niche to the online article writing services.

The packages that they buy are various, some containing 500 posts that each post contains 400 characters for 10 million rupiahs per package, then they upload to their website periodically or sometimes at once.

If the traffic from search engines has started to arrive, they put AdSense ads on it. Usually after 3 months of passing they will start making money, and the money they use to buy the article again and the rest he tubes. So on.

3. Karlla PatrĂ­cia (Portugal)

Karlla Patricia was a mother teacher who did not have enough money to buy articles such as successful publisher-publishers in general. He was only a hobby and an undefeated spirit of blogging in his "Diario de Biologia" diary, which he addresses at www.diariodebiologia.com. Just like Jamie Frater, Karlla started his blog in 2007 and he posted an adsense ad on it.

Because Karlla was a teacher of biology, then of course what he wrote was an article on biology lessons. After returning from serving as an educator, the laptop and Internet connection were his best friends day and night. For years he wrote an article alone on his simple blog every day on the sidelines of a tireless housewife.

But who thought, apparently success is not only the people who have money. A diligent person can beat the greatness of a reliable Internet marketing expert. Google included Karlla Patricia in her list of AdSense success stories as her new successful partner who only modelled the diary blog.

A piece of eye overnight when writing articles turned out to be a potent recipe for Karlla to grab tens of thousands of dollars each month from AdSense. Now that he has been in the results for years he felt the result.

(i) It could be that you are one of the successful publishers or prospective successful publishers. If you want to impersonate one of the examples above, then God Willing you to succeed as they are. As time goes by while you are still diligent and do not know despair in trying, you will undoubtedly continue to crawl to success. Just wait time only.

And one more, your hard work will never be wasted if since the beginning you play honestly in AdSense.

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