To become a successful Blogger, don't just collect theory only, immediately practice!

To date the dream of becoming a successful #blogger is still a tremendous attraction for many youths. A variety of success stories from someone who used to be just ordinary people who don't have anything but with blogging then become rich in wealth into a very tempting motivation.

To become a successful blogger requires a process and a very long struggle. You should be aware of it first, that success is unlikely to be gained in an instant manner. To be a successful blogger, you need to learn a lot of people who are truly capable of getting you a truly rewarding knowledge.

Well, in this position sometimes many bloggers are stuck. They love to join or take the knowledge from many people, the desire to get the science as much as the backfire for them because it makes them forget to practice it. There is a new ebook from Mastah taken, from Mastah B in the study, so so on without any follow-up with practice at all.

Too much theory will make you confused yourself

What matters is not how much you have new ebooks or theories, but most importantly you practice them. It's just as free as you have a million science but never practiced it. And usually, the more you have new theories or sciences, the more your confusion.

So from now on, as small as the science of blogging you can or you have, immediately practice. Do not wait to accumulate new first then practiced, believe most theory will make you increasingly confused.

2. One theory then practice and see the results

When you read the various theories of many ebooks, then the best thing is to practice them immediately. Better one theory then practiced rather than stacking many theories but zero practice. And what's more important is seeing the results, not the practice origin alone. Because of a theory it manages to do others but not necessarily succeed.

Then you should take note of the research you are doing through the theory you practice, if the theory you run turns out to be unsuccessful and has no effect, then it's time for you to change to the next theory.

3. One theory can be contrary to other theories

What you need to note next is, sometimes there are some theories that can contradict the theory of one with the other theory. This is because it usually shares the knowledge according to what is practiced and experienced. From this experience, of course, each person has different experiences that bring out various different theories and sometimes can also contradict.

Well, if you are too much of a nurturing theory of this many people without practicing yourself besides confusing, surely it will be chaotic if applied to your blog. Therefore, here is the importance of studying every theory you have, do not swallow it raw.

4. You will run out of time just to collect new theories

Collecting a lot of science from various sources is very good at all. But the activity you do is not to make you run out of time so you will find it hard to develop your own blog. Because however, learning a lot of theories #blogging it takes a lot of your time and energy.

Immediately change your mindset, learn exactly one theory of a teacher, then practice and see how it develops on your blog. After that just step on to the next stage to add to science.

5. The Blog that you build is just becoming abandoned

Developing a blog It takes time and great energy. If your energy and time runs out to collect ebooks, then your blog will definitely be abandoned and unmanaged. You need to remind yourself that you are also developing a blog, lest your time be wasted.

It's pointless time only use to read the various ebooks that you are next not to practice. So, from now on be a smart person by utilizing the time as effectively and as efficiently as possible in blogging.


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