Want to be a Blogger ? Have 5 basic capabilities here

Profession as a #blogger is now increasingly more and more demanded by the netizens. With many interesting advantages that can be obtained from this profession such as income and also popularity, many people who then want to seriously engaged in the field of web logs that are tangible this web application. The existence of current bloggers is increasingly exist because of the support of the more sophisticated technology and Internet network as well as the moment of sharing via social media and instant messaging applications.

From these things, the profession of bloggers more are in the same. But to become a blogger, there are a few things you need to understand, one of which is the basic ability. Yes, a blogger is indeed required to have some basic abilities that can deliver it on a successful path. Then what are the basic capabilities that a blogger should have? Here's the explanation.

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1. Science Coding

The first basic ability you need to have to become a blogger is the ability or science of coding (programming). Why need coding? For when you create a blog then you will be sued for customizing and organizing the templates that you will use for the blog.

Well the process of customizing and organizing this blog template is called coding. During the setup process and customizing this blog template you will indeed struggle with code-code to be able to make the blog look more interesting to see.

2. Writing and journalistic science

Next, the ability or basic science that a person would need to have is a blogger is writing skills and journalistic science. Yes, to fill in the content or update the blog every day you are required to write an article. Without any articles or content then your blog could be considered dead. Yes, for that reason the ability to explore writing ideas and also to assemble word for Word will be needed to be able to update your blog every day.

In addition, do not forget the code of journalistic ethics for you to learn. Because not all themes or topics can be written at your own pace. The reason there are things that are forbidden and inappropriate to be written and published on the mass media that you need to pay attention to as a blogger. Well the things that can and are forbidden in the writing of the blog as one of the mass media is contained in the Code of journalistic ethics.

3. Design Science

Furthermore, the basic skills or basic science that a person needs to have so bloggers are the science of design. What is the science of design? Obviously to complete the writing you created with an image. Yes, the image will also determine for the development of the blog. The more interesting the pictures you show then there will be more and more later visitors will come to your blog.

Interesting images are also usually needed for the header view of a blog. Well to create this interesting blog then there is the ability or science of design that you need to have to make your writing or display more interesting.

4. Communication and Social sciences

In #blogging World, a blogger is indeed required to establish a relationship with many people, especially with other bloggers. Well, to establish a relationship with others, it takes a basic ability of communication and good social relations.

Not only is it face to face on blogger communities, but online when you communicate via blog comments or group chats then you should also be able to communicate well. With this good communication and social relations then you will get a lot of fellow bloggers who will be beneficial to the development of your blog in the future.

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5. Business Management Science

Lastly, the basic science and ability a blogger should have is the science of business management. What do bloggers have to do with business? Of course there is. So if you are a blogger who uses paid domains and hosting or maybe a paid template then inevitably you will need to count well to pay the annual fee.

Well it will be better and enjoyable if those costs are able to pay you with income from your blog. Therefore try to learn the science of this business management well for the continuity and sustainability of your blog.

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