What are the benefits of responsive design?

Many! But that's what we explain later. Now we see first what is the notion of a resposive template and how it works.

* Responsive template is a template that uses a flexible design that can follow the screen shape and size of all devices, such as: Desktop (ex: Windows7/8/XP/Vista, MAC, Linux), Smartphone (ex: ipad, tablet, Blacberry, Android) and all sorts of mobile devices on Earth, and can follow the shape and size of the browser you use. Hmmm... This is a lot of responsive templates.

That is, if we use a resposive template design, then the look of our website will look nice and perfect despite being viewed from all types of devices.

* However if you are using an old or not responsive template design, then your website display will only look good if viewed from your own computer. Whereas if viewed using a neighbor's computer then your website will look messy.

Can't believe it? Please try. If you are currently using Windows7, try you now go to the Internet cafe and take a look at your website using windowsXP in the Internet cafe. Then I'm sure you'll like people reading the Kecik ad in the newspaper. If you want to navigate the sidebar, you have to swipe the screen of your desktop because usually the sidebar of your blog is missing eaten the right desktop of windowsXP.

Not to mention if your website is viewed by users using various other new model devices. Can-can your blog just look the headpiece only, while the other part is immersed by the screen of the middle class device to the top that today various models.

Advantages of using responsive template design

1. Visitors will be able to see our website well and perfectly on their respective devices. This means they will like to linger and navigate our blog. Then of course this will make our blog go up the rankings in search engines so that the blog traffic eventually will increase.

But if we use non responsive design, then only certain desktop visitors will read our blog, whereas mobile visitors will flip right. Why read the website that looks messy. Finally our blog bounce rate will be high so blog traffic is stuck, because search engines will assume our website is not beneficial for users.

2. If you are an AdSense or other PPC publisher, then the resposive design allows your ads to show perfectly when your blog is visited by users using any device model. This means we don't lose money coming from mobile users who currently have reached 40% of total blog visitors.

But if we use non-responsive design, then a lot of ads that can not appear on the user's devices are different kinds. So that certain versions of both mobile and desktop users will not be able to see our ads. Who wants to click on your ad if they don't see any ads on your blog.

What's more if it's combined with a responsive AdSense ad unit, then your AdSense revenue will be really maximized and we don't worry about violating our ad placement policies.


Now it's time for mobile users. Even today the number of mobile device owners has far exceeded desktop owners. Therefore, from now on it is time for us to build a mobile-friendly site, as already done by big sites. If not, then we will lose hundreds of visitor from mobile users every day continuously without being aware of it.

Okay until here first information that I can share this time and hopefully useful for friends all.

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