Fussy child due to Abdominal migraine, do 5 things

Fussy child due to Abdominal migraine, do 5 things

Have you heard of abdominal migraine? Abdominal migraine is not a type of disease that causes headaches, however, this condition leads to pain in the stomach. Reported from the American Migraine Foundation, abdominal migraines are susceptible to attacking children. Generally the symptoms that arise can make the child become fussy because of the uncomfortable condition and appear suddenly. Then, how to solve it? Mothers, please note the following reviews.

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Mother, do this if the child natural Abdominal migraine

Reported from Healthline, children with abdominal migraine generally experience symptoms of pain in the repeated parts of the stomach. The pain is also different for each child, some of which are not too severe, even some are disturbing enough until the child feels uncomfortable.

In addition to abdominal pain, there are several other symptoms that arise, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, until the child becomes pale. Abdominal migraines can be experienced by each child with a different span of time, ranging within an hour to days. Mothers, should not be a child of abdominal pain that is experienced by children.

Now, immediately consult the children's health at the nearest hospital to help health complaints can be resolved immediately.

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Obviously, medical treatment can be done to overcome abdominal migraines. However, mothers can do some self-reliant ways to reduce the discomfort felt by the child, namely:
  1. Give the child a sufficient rest time when the child experiences abdominal migraines. Adequate rest can reduce discomfort;
  2. Give children food that is easily digestible by digestion. In addition, give the child a warm and appetizing meal;
  3. Mother, if the child is vomiting, should immediately give the child a fluid or drink so that the child is not dehydrated. Avoid giving drinks that contain caffeine yes, mother;
  4. Mother, pay attention to each type of food that children consume. By knowing the type of food consumed, surely mothers will be easier to know what foods make children experience abdominal migraine. If the mother has found this type of food, you should avoid it for a while;
  5. Accompanying the child in an uncomfortable condition can reduce the risk of stress and depression. It does not hurt to give attention to children when experiencing pain due to abdominal migraine.

Learn about Abdominal migraine risk factors in children

Reported from Web MD, to date is not yet known exactly what causes abdominal migraine in children. However, the presence of changes in the levels of compounds such as histamine and serotonin are likely to occur in children. 

Not only that, some types of foods, such as chocolate and foods containing MSG excess are also assessed to be some causes of abdominal migraine in children. That way, you should be more careful to give your child a new kind of food.

Reported from BMC Gastroenterology, abdominal migraine also directly related to the slow condition of movement of food digested through the intestines. So there's no harm in asking a doctor about child digestive health. According to Healthline, in addition to digestive factors, the emotional condition of the child can also increase this risk.


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