It's a must-look when isolation at home related to Corona Virus

Corona virus cases

Corona virus Cases (Covid 19)

Patients who are positively expressed as COVID-19 are isolated in various hospitals. The goal is clear, to prevent the spread of such mysterious viruses.

However, what about the person complaining about the symptoms of respiratory tract infections or a mild type of sore throat (one of the symptoms of COVID-19)? Actually this group is voluntary or recommendations of health officers, to perform isolation at home. 

The question is, what should be considered when doing isolation at home or self isolation

Note, unlike quarantine

Before further, it is good to understand first about self isolation or self-isolation. The thing that needs to be underlined, this corona virus-related self isolation is different from quarantine. Quarantine means avoiding yourself from other people or social situations as much as possible.

There are several points when you need to quarantine. One of them when in contact with COVID-19, but the body is still healthy or after traveling from a country infected. Then, what about the self-isolation related corona viruses? 

Well, self-isolation at home related Korona virus means, stay in the house and avoid contact with others. In other words, staying at home, not going to work, school, or to other public places.

The goal is clear, to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 to others. The question is, when need to do self-isolation related corona viruses at home? 

  • If it has symptoms COVID-19.
  • Before being tested to detect COVID-19.
  • When waiting for test results.
  • If you have positive test results for COVID-19.
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Self-Isolation, what to do?

Things to affirm, many should be considered regarding self isolation related to the symptoms of corona (mild sore throat) at home. Well, here are the tips you can do: 

  • Isolation room (patient) is ideally separated with other family members.
  • Keep the distance with a healthy person at least 1 or 2 meters. 
  • Always use masks to prevent the spread of viruses.
  • Apply the ethics of cough and sneezing, using tissues, directly dispose to the trash covered, and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Avoid using personal belongings together. For example, cutlery, toiletries, linens (clothes and other fabrics), and more. 
  • Wash the cutlery with water and soap until clean and dry. 
  • Tissue, gloves, and clothing used by the patient should be inserted into a special linen container, and separate. 
  • Wash clothes with a washing machine temperature 60 – 90 degrees Celsius with detergent. 
  • Routine cleansing and disinfectant areas are touched.
  • Limit the number of nurses treating the patient, ensure that nurses are always in good health.
  • Restrict visitors or create lists that visit. 
  • Stay at home and can be in contact. 
  • If you have to leave the house, use a mask, and avoid using public transport and avoid crowded places.
  • Make good air circulation or good room ventilation (open window). 
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In addition to the above, there is also self monitoring to be considered, namely:
  • It is recommended for someone who is exposed to a positive COVID-19 case, or has a history of travel to an infected country.  
  • Duration: 14 Days of contact or last exposure. 
  • If symptoms arise, do self-isolation  
  • Contact/Phone service health. 

When self-insulation is strengthened immune system

Corona viruses and other viruses have one thing in common. Viruses are self limiting disease, aliases can die by itself. What about drugs? These medications are only aimed at addressing the symptoms that arise. Then, how to kill the virus?
  • In short, if endurance is good, then the body fights the virus. Well, the next question, how do I improve immune system or immunity? Not difficult, of course by applying a healthy lifestyle, such as:
  • Adequate rest. Adults generally need to sleep 7 – 8 hours and teenagers around 9 – 10 hours.
  • Eat vegetables and fruit. The content of vitamins and minerals of vegetables and fruits strengthens the body immune system.
  • Avoid stress. Uncontrollable and prolonged stress can increase cortisol hormones. In the long term, this cortisol hormone can decrease immune system immunity.
  • Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. Excessive exposure to cigarette smoke and alcohol may damage the immune system.
Ways to improve the immune system above can also be done by healthy people coupled with:
  • Routine exercise. 30 minutes daily recommendation. The sports are cheap and easy as walking.

The thing to affirm, self isolation is only recommended for the early symptoms of corona such as mild sore throat. Suppose the symptoms do not improve, even growing, immediately meet the doctor or health officer for proper treatment. 

Let's make sure your pain is not because of Corona virus! Suppose you suspect yourself or a family member has a Corona virus infection, or it is difficult to distinguish the symptoms of COVID-19 with the flu, immediately ask the doctor. 

Want to know more about the above problems? Or have other health complaints? You can inquire directly with the doctor or take a further examination at the COVID-19 referral hospital near your residence.

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