Definition of Cold Allergy

Definition of Cold Allergy

Understanding Cold Allergies

Not everyone can feel comfortable facing the cold air. In the medical world known term urticaria (cold allergies) is the appearance of welts that feels itchy and skin becomes reddish. The cold allergies experienced by each person differ in their characteristic. For some people, some can lose consciousness, blood pressure drops, until it is fatal. Anyone can be exposed to this allergy, but people in their teenage years are most often exposed to cold allergies. In teenagers, cold allergies can usually disappear completely in a few years.

Symptoms of cold allergies

  • Swollen hands when in contact with cold objects.
  • The rind appears on the skin that feels itchy.
  • Swollen lips and throat when consuming food & cold drinks
  • Reddish skin.
  • If the skin feels warmer the symptoms will be worse.

Causes of cold allergies

Allergies can appear when the skin is in cold weather and at risk arises in windy and humid conditions. The study found that cold allergies were caused by the release of histamine and the chemical substances in the bloodstream triggered by cold air. Nevertheless, it has not been found exactly why the body reacts so to cold air.

Cold Allergy Treatment

In the case of severe cold allergies can be fatal such as swelling of the throat and tongue causing difficulty in breathing, anaphylactic reactions cause blood pressure drops, heart pounding, faint, to the swelling of the arms and legs (torso).

Generally, cold allergies can disappear on their own for a period of weeks to months, but some have survived for quite a while. For that, if suddenly feel the signs of cold allergies, you should directly consult a doctor.

Cold Allergy Prevention

For cold allergy, it is advisable not to swim in cold water. When the entire surface of cold-exposed skin can cause severe reactions so as to cause the loss of consciousness until it sinks.

When to go to a doctor?

If you experience the signs and symptoms of cold allergies above, immediately talk to your doctor to find out the cause and get the right treatment.
To perform the check-up, you can immediately make an appointment with a doctor of choice in the hospital according to your domicile here.

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