Know the Main Causes of Vulva Cancer

Know the Main Causes of Vulva Cancer

Cancer disease is one of the diseases that is quite dangerous. Cancer cells can appear in various parts of the body, one of which is the vulva. The vulva is part of an outer sexual organ in women in the area of the urinary and vaginal holes. Vulvar cancer becomes one of the most susceptible diseases in women who enter the elderly or have experienced menopause.

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For women, it is certainly important to know yourself to know the health problems experienced in the body. Generally, the symptoms of vulva cancer appear as a lump or wound in the vulva. It is best to avoid triggers that increase the risk of cancer cells in the vulva area.

This is the cause of Vulva cancer

In fact, the main cause of vulvar cancer is unknown. In addition, vulvar cancer is indeed a rare disease. However, there are several factors that trigger the mutated cells rapidly and develop into cancerous cells in the vulva area.

Cancerous cells multiply rapidly and form tumors or lumps in the vulva area. Reported from the Mayo Clinic, although it has not been known for certain causes of vulvar cancer, there are several risk factors that trigger cancer cells to develop on the vulva area, such as:

1. Age increase

Increasing age becomes one of the factors that can increase the risk of a natural vulva cancer. Although this condition can occur at any time, generally, the vulvar cancer is prone to occur at the age of 65 years.

2. Smoking Area

Melansir American Cancer Society, not only can damage the lungs, smoking habit can increase the risk of vulvar cancer. This occurs due to exposure to chemicals contained in cigarettes.

3. Exposure to HPV

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is an infectious sexual disease. HPV can increase the risk of vulvar cancer and cervical cancer. You should always have a healthy intimate relationship using condoms and avoid dressing up your mates.

4. Low Body immunity

A person with a low body immunity is more susceptible to natural cancer vulva. Someone who has ever run an organ transplant and natural HIV disease has a low body immunity so that the natural susceptible to vulva cancer.

That is the factor that increases the risk of experiencing vulvar cancer. If anyone still wants to be asked about the cause of the vulva cancer, you can contact the doctor.

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Know the symptoms of Vulva cancer

Find out some symptoms of vulvar cancer, one of which is the appearance of a lump in the vulva area. Launch National Health Service UK, other symptoms that can happen that the vulva area feels very itchy, painful, swollen, and appears hot sensation. Note Any changes that occur, such as the appearance of spotting or thickened skin parts of the vulva area.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, it will not hurt to immediately consult the nearest hospital to get the right treatment.

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Vaginal discharge with blood or the appearance of bleeding in the area of vulva should also not be underestimated because this is another sign of the vulvar cancer. Vulvar cancer is also characterized by pain and discomfort when the people with does urination.

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