People with Asthma Have Risk of Pneumonia, Really?

People with Asthma Have Risk of Pneumonia, Really?

Surely you've seen people use an assistive device to breathe. Generally, it is used by someone who has asthma. This disorder can cause the patient to have shortness of breath and emit a sound when breathing.

A person who has an asthma attack is also very similar when experiencing pneumonia. However, many people ask if a person with asthma can also have pneumonia. Here's a detailed discussion of the matter!

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Asthma can suffer from Pneumonia

Asthma and pneumonia are two conditions that cause respiratory disorders. Both disorders may cause some symptoms, but the cause and treatment is quite different. A person who has pneumonia may be harder to diagnose than asthma.

A person who has asthma is indirectly can also have pneumonia. However, the problem of chronic respiratory problems, such as asthma, has a higher risk of developing pneumonia.

Asthma does not directly cause pneumonia. However, someone who has problems with his lungs has a higher risk of the disorder. That is because the lungs have suffered earlier damage to the tissues therein.

Also mentioned drugs used to suppress asthma also play a role to increase the risk. Inhaled corticosteroid drugs may increase the risk of developing pneumonia or other respiratory infections that can be harmful to the lungs.

Such drugs can increase the associated pneumonia because the effects of steroids that are in them adversely affect the immune system. However, you do not have to stop taking the medication because it may be a worse impact can happen if you stop using the tool.

Maybe you're still confused as to why asthma can develop into pneumonia. If that happens, you can ask the Doctor.

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Complications of Pneumonia in a person with asthma

If a person with asthma develops into pneumonia and does not get treatment, the disease can develop and cause complications that can be life-threatening. Although asthma does not have drugs, symptoms can be better with the proper treatment of medical experts.

In a person with pneumonia, a disturbance of pneumonia may heal within one week. However, some other cases may take about a month. Therefore, early treatment is very necessary.

Treatment should be done quickly because inflammation in the lungs can lead to asthma attacks, disruption of the airway that can cause serious attacks and the occurrence of severe complications. This is due to bacteria or viruses that replicate in the lung tissue.

Too much of it can cause the disruption of the body's natural immunity that piled mucus in the lungs. Such obstruction may cause less oxygen in the body. In the end, chest pains that occur increasingly severe and complicate the body to breathe.

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Effective antibiotic-resistant asthma that caused Pneumonia?

Once you know asthma can cause pneumonia, but do all the patient have to regularly take antibiotic medication? So far there has been no specific recommendation regarding antibiotic recipes that are effective for consuming asthma. However, some antibiotic medications can make asthma symptoms better, but do not affect the disturbance that occurs in the lungs.

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