What is X-Ray ?

What is X-Ray?

X-rays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves. X-ray imaging will create an image of the inside of your body. These images will show parts of your body in various shades of black and white. This black and white image is produced because body tissues absorb different amounts of radiation. For example, calcium in the body absorbs the most X-rays, so the bones appear white. While fat and other soft tissues absorb less, so it looks gray.

This X-ray procedure is done quickly and without pain. X-ray examination aims to help doctors diagnose and monitor several body conditions. For example, complaints, such as infection, tooth decay, broken bones, arthritis, osteoporosis, or bone cancer.

Why Do an X-Ray Examination?

Although the main purpose of X-ray is used to examine the condition of bones and joints, but sometimes this procedure is also used to detect other health problems. For example, soft tissue, such as internal organs. In addition, this procedure is also used to check for lung diseases or infections, breast cancer, digestive tract problems, enlargement of the heart, blocked blood vessels, abnormal spinal shape, problems when swallowing, to objects that are accidentally swallowed into body.

When to do an X-ray Examination?

X-ray examination is one of the supporting examinations of establishing the diagnosis in addition to a laboratory examination. As explained above, an X-ray is performed to see the conditions above. For example, broken bones to determine the type of treatment a medical problem that will be given.

How to do an X-Ray Test?

When undergoing an X-ray examination, you will be asked to lie down, stand up, or do a certain position. Its position is adjusted to the part of the body to be photographed. For example, chest X-ray. In this X-ray, you will usually be asked to stand up. Plate film in the form of plates will be processed into images, then placed in accordance with the part of the body that wants to be photographed.

Then, an x-ray device that resembles a tube and equipped with light, will be directed to the part of the body to be examined. This tool will produce X-rays to take pictures in special photo films.

In this procedure, you will be asked not to move and hold your breath so that the image does not blur. Therefore, for children sometimes need a buffer as a restraining position so that children do not move. During this photo shoot, you will not feel anything. However, if you experience a broken bone, you will usually feel pain or discomfort when you have to move your body position.

This X-ray procedure only lasts for a few minutes. However, for certain X-rays, such as using contrast, it can take up to an hour.

How Does the X-Ray Test Work?

When it was first discovered, X-ray was used to examine the body. This radiation was first discovered by a German professor in 1895 named Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Here's how the X-ray works that show the color difference from white, gray, to black.
  • The black color indicates that the X-ray hit the air.
  • When it comes to metal or solid body parts, such as bone, most X-ray particles are blocked. X-ray results will also appear white.
  • If an X-ray hits a muscle, fat, and fluid, the results will appear gray.

Where do X-rays?

The examination is carried out by a doctor or other medical personnel, generally done in a hospital. In addition, X-ray examinations can also be done in various laboratories in collaboration with hospitals.

When to see a doctor?

After listening to when to have an X-Ray examination, you can choose the hospital and make an appointment with the specialist that you need.

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