4 Wrong Habits That Affect Child Development



4 Wrong Habits That Affect Child Development

Every parent certainly expects their child to be able to pass developmental tasks according to the stage of their age. Various ways are done, among others by providing stimulation.

However, as it turns out, there are some wrong habits from parents that can negatively affect a child's development. What?

1. Wearing a Baby Walker

Baby walkers are one of the tools that are still often used by parents with the aim of training the child to walk. Baby walkers are now no longer recommended because they are judged to have the potential to cause injuries. In addition, dr. Catharine Mayung Sambo, Sp.A(K), Consultant in Development and Social Paediatrics, in an Instagram Live event with Ayahbunda, said that the use of baby walkers increases the risk of children walking jinjit which is certainly not a sign of good development.

2. Put The Child Too Long on the Stroller/Bouncer

Strollers and bouncers are indeed effective for calming the child. However, dr. Mayung also explained that putting them there for too long without being invited to interact is not a good stimulation for their development. He said that babies and toddlers should be involved in physical activity, such as inviting him to train his motor development.

3. Distinguish development by Gender

Dr. Mayung says that there is indeed literature linking between the sexes with certain developmental delays. However, she says, it's not the right thing to do when parents get caught up in tinkering with developments based on gender. "Usually this, ahh, it's okay, it's a boy usually walk first, talk later. This is a risk of delay, in other developments it increases," he said.

According to him, it is more appropriate for parents to always focus on the developmental instruments in kia (Maternal and Child Health) to conduct assessment of children's development.

4. Equate to A Parent's Childhood

One of the parents' inappropriate mindsets about the development of the child is expressed by dr. Mayung is likening it to his own childhood. "Oh, my dad used to do this too." Just like the previous point, this false habit can also increase the risk of developmental delays in one area.

Therefore, dr. Mayung said that parents always monitor the child's developmental duties in kia books issued by the Ministry of Health and immediately consult a doctor if suspected developmental delays in their child. "The earlier it is known that there is a delay, the sooner the decision is made to intervene, the better the result will be," he concluded.

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