Thank you for visiting the blog is very simple.

Introduce, my name mulki from the country of indonesia. Actually I have long been acquainted with the world of the internet. Since the year 2010 I am already familiar with the online world, know early the internet at the moment I am working in a public internet. At that time the first get to know the internet, because in that year I worked into an operator of internet cafes.

I'm sorry, why not from the first study in the world let alone a blog about internet marketing, but every day often staying out in front of the computer.

There are quotes about the science of simple "gird up science with write's" that's how a wise person said.

Blog mulkiarea.blogspot.com this is a personal blog that I use to learn about the world of online such as blogs and the internet. This blog also as media online archive that will keep me update based on experience and the information I get.

If the first with many notes in the book in the digital era then this Blog is the best way to archive them. When it's a lot of reading and learning everywhere will easily forget and lost if not rewritten.


Hopefully all the information and knowledge that are on this blog can provide benefit for me personally and readers in General.